Saturday, September 29, 2012

Promoting Beautiful Greece: #WorldTourismDay 2012 #GreekPhotoCompetition

White on Blue... Blue on Blue...Aegean Blue...

September 27 is known as World Tourism Day, and that's a great moment to promote our beautiful Greece! Here at Global Greek World we thought it would be a great opportunity to launch our Greek Photo Competition on the GGW Facebook Page.

If you have a photo of Greece you would like to send us for the competition please email us either directly or by clicking on our Facebook Page and sending it to us via our FB message facility.

Check out the photos received so far, we've posted these in the album World Tourism Day Greek Photo Competition and vote with a 'like'. The picture with the greatest number of likes wins.......well, we'll see, we're still working on the prize(s)!

Good luck! Καλή Επιτυχία!

Our collage of the wonderful photographs received so far!  
Stunning, superb, beautiful Greece...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo of the Day: A N E R G O U M E/Α Ν Ε Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε

Photo Source: Paraskinio

A N E Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε instead of A Π Ε Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε
'We're unemployed' not 'we're on strike'...

A clever play on words from today's demonstration in Athens' Syntagma Square following a general strike to protest new austerity measures about to be imposed on a people who are being crippled by the ever-increasing demands on their ever-decreasing income...

The strike, contrary to what has hit the world press, neither paralysed the country nor stopped it functioning...

The headlines were Greece Paralysed by Strikes... well, no, Greece wasn't really... people went to work, teachers taught, bank employees worked, the DEH, OTE and other utility companies were open as were tax and other government departments - paralysed? Hardly... 

The demonstrations were peaceful, the people who demonstrated were orderly...those who came later created the mayhem and that's what was broadcast to the world...a couple of hours later everything was back to normal and we went about our business as usual but nobody told the rest of the world that.

For a couple of hours today Syntagma got the brunt of the hooded and masked brigade's fury as they set fire to a marquee and ripped off whatever could be used as weapons hurling burning plinths and molotovs and just about torching the national gardens... 

One question remains: Are we ever going to find out who is under those hoods?

PM Antonis Samaras said he was going to lift the hoods and reveal all...

What we know is that they are known as the Gnostoi-Agnostoi... the known-unknowns.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Global Greeks at Work: If Elgin was in....

They say that a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

It took two of our Global Greeks,Alexis Mantheakis and Ares Kalogeropoulos,both born and raised outside Greece,to get together and mastermind this marvellous series of pictures titled If Elgin was in... driving the point home much more emphatically than thousands of words ever could.

Direct and with impact, the reaction when we posted these pictures on our Facebook Page was instant and overwhelmingly positive!


....unfortunately, and we all know the disastrous results of Elgin's stay in Athens - the unprecedented destruction of the monument in order to rip the sculptures from their natural home and transport them to England.

However the sculptures have 'spoken', and their message is loud and clear...

 Bravo Ares and Alexis! Messages like this inspire spread the word around the world!

This campaign is one of many especially aimed at the British Museum, which steadfastly refuses to part with the sculptures ripped from their original home by the not-so-noble Lord Elgin...

About the creators:

Ares Kalogeropoulos, one of our Global Greeks living in Germany, is the creator of the I AM GREEK AND I WANT TO GO HOME movement, an independent movement for repatriation of the magnificent statues and sculptures plundered in days gone by and now held 'hostage' in various museums around the world.

Alexis Mantheakis, born in East Africa and now living in Greece, is Chairman of the International Parthenon Sculptures Action Committee Inc (NZ),  a movement which started on Facebook for the repatriation of the Parthenon Sculptures. 

As Global Greek World, we are pleased to be part of the IPSACI movement from the very first day, supporting Greece's just demand for the return home of these unique works of art pillaged by Elgin and which remain imprisoned at the British Museum...

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Showing the Way:1000 Women Leaders From 70 Countries Attended 2012 Global Summit of Women in Greece

Athens, Greece
May 31 - JUNE 2, 2012


At the end of May this year, between two elections and in the midst of the greatest period of political uncertainty Greece has faced recently, the 22-year global economic and business forum convened at the prestigious Hotel Intercontinental in Athens, Greece. 

1,000 women leaders from 70 countries in every corner of the world came together to share winning strategies to advance women's economic lives and to ensure global prosperity. The Vice President of Vietnam, the Minister of Corrections of South Africa, the  CEO of Siemens Spain, the Chief Diversity officer of Daimler, Germany, and many other dynamic women with their presence showed their confidence in the future of Greece, and spoke evocatively about the situation on the ground... a vastly different situation from the picture relayed around the world by the world's media at the time.
When asked why she chose Greece to host the annual Global Summit of women, the President, Irene Natividad, said the following on her facebook page:

Due to the current economic crisis, I’ve planned for the 2012 Summit to focus on growth areas in the global economy in which women will play a pivotal role. 
I chose Greece because I believe that we should be close to the place where someone may need us. 
Greek women will have the chance to show another image of Greece – a more positive one – abroad.

While news coverage of Greece has focused primarily, wrongly so, in our opinion, on the debt crisis facing the country, the Summit itself shed light on Greek women in charge who although rarely talked about, may well be the key to economic recovery, via their role as 50% stakeholders in the global economy. The Summit also discussed the many opportunities still available in Greece for foreign and business investors, despite the ongoing economic crisis.

Several dynamic Greek women, leaders in their field, made presentations during the Summit:

Rodi Kratsa – 
Vice President, European Parliament 

A member of the European Parliament from Greece, she was first elected in 1999, then re-elected in 2004 and again in 2009. She was elected 1st Vice-President of the European Parliament in January 2007 and re-elected Vice-President in July 2009. Her parliamentary work is rich and multifaceted with a portfolio that ranges from issues of European integration, regional cohesion and economic development, the improvement of women’s status and the presence of the EU at international level. 

Angeliki Frangou – 
Chairman and CEO, Navios Holdings  

Angeliki Frangou, Chairman and CEO of three publicly listed companies in the New York Stock Exchange – Navios Holdings, Navios Partners and Navios Acquisitions – which have an enterprise value of $5 billion, was named one of Fortune’s 2011 Top 50 Global Women in Business. She is a mechanical engineer by training , who left her Wall Street job as an analyst to found her own shipping company in 2005. Credited with an ability to structure financial deals, her company grew and was issuing dividends even during the downturn when other shipping companies were trimming their sails. 
Nellie Katsou – 
Managing Director, Pharmathen 

Nellie Katsou started her career in 1990 by founding Pharmanel SA, a pharmaceutical company based in Athens, where she was co-owner and Managing Director until 2003. As the company grew, she was also a major shareholder in the family-owned pharmaceutical company Pharmathen SA. After her father’s death in 1993, she became Vice President of the Board of Directors and Managing Director. As a leading member, she envisioned and worked to make Pharmathen a major exporting enterprise one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in Europe. 

Maria Vlachou – 
Co-Founder, Fereikos Helix Since 2008, 

Maria Vlachou has been the CEO and co-owner of Fereikos Helix, a snail farming company. She received the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award last year granted by Sir Stelios Hajiioannou. The enterprise, for which she and her sister have been recognized, produces and markets snails primarily for European consumption. In the course of building this business, the sisters have developed a network of growers throughout Greece, many of whom they have taught to farm quality snails. Her creative entrepreneurial career shows what is possible in the new Greece post-crisis. 

Angelina Michaelidis – President, Women’s Organization of Managers and Entrepreneurs 

Angelina Michaelidis was elected President of Women Organization of Managers & Entrepreneurs of the Hellenic Management Organization in 2007. She is also an active member of the Hellenic Institute of Information Communication Technology. She has built a long and successful career working in major ICT companies, starting initially as a Programmer-Analyst and developing up to Sales Manager, Commercial Manager and Managing Director. Since January 2012, she has been leading the Public Sector BU of SingularLogic. Georgia Kartsanis – President, CEO Clubs Greece Georgia Kartsanis has had a rich international business career including a decade as an industry leader in executive search services and 20 years of commercial management experience working with companies in Greece, the USA and the Middle East. In October 2009, she founded CEO Clubs Greece, the 1st European Chapter of one of the oldest international networking organizations for CEOs and entrepreneurs. Beginning in 2010, she also launched SARGIA Partners S.A, a unique consultancy offering leadership coaching services to clients in Southeast Europe and Cyprus. 

Maria Alexiou – Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Titan Cement 

Maria Alexiou is Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Titan Cement Co. She also serves as Chair of the Hellenic Network for CSR, which aims to promote corporate social responsibility to the Greek business community and to the society at large. She began her career as a CSR Manager at Titan America in 2003. 

Anastasia Makarigaki—Director of Human Resources, Balkan Region, Pepsico 

Anastasia Makarigaki joined PepsiCo in 2008 and currently serves as Senior HR Director for the Greater Balkans (including Cyprus and Israel). She is also responsible for External Communications of PepsiCo in Greece. Her success in this role has garnered external recognition from “Investors in People” and “Best Workplaces” in Greece and Europe for four consecutive years. She brought to Pepsico more than 20 years of experience in senior roles in the retail, service and manufacturing sectors. 

Sophia Economacos – President, National and European Women’s Chamber Network Chair of the Greek Host Committee for the 2012 Global Summit of Women, 

Sophia Economacos is the President of the National and the European Chamber Women Network. She has also been the Secretary General of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Athens, and the Vice-President of the Association of Language School Owners and is a member of the European Network of Women in Decision-Making of the European Commission. She has been awarded by the Conseil European Femmes Enterprises et Commerce and the Chambre de Commerce et d’ Industrie de Paris, as the only woman President of a Chamber in Europe, with reference and presence in Europe. 

President Irene Natividad addresses the 2012 Global Summit of Women

A big Thank You to Irene Natividad and the organisers,
  • for choosing Greece for the very special Global Summit of Women this year!  
  • for sticking with their choice, when so many others were busy cancelling events and trips to Greece! 
  • for the vote of confidence!
With this kind of solidarity, YES, Greece CAN!!!


For more information: Global Summit of Women 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I CAN'T Keep Calm, I'm GREEK!

Anyone disagree?

Global Greek World's creation 
Contribution to the Keep Calm range!

 At Global Greek World we  Μαύρη κούπα (χαρτιά) Greece ... and it shows! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo of the Day: The Longest Syrtaki Dance in the World in Volos, Greece


5 6 1 4 Volunteers Dance Syrtaki for the Guinness World Book of Records on the Volos Waterfront to the music of Mikis Theodorakis' magnificent Zorba's Dance!!!

Congratulations to all those who took part in the longest Syrtaki Dance in the world who will each get an official acknowledgement of their achievement!!! 

Congratulations Volos - You did so well!
Watching the video below made us wish we were there!!


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