About US

 The Global Greek World is our community.

 It is the wider community of Hellenes around the world who are Greek-Something: Greek-American, Greek-Australian, Greek-New Zealand, Greek-South African, Greek-French, Greek-Swiss...and the list goes on ...

Where are we?


We don’t have to look far at all. We just need to look around us and we will see someone of Greek origin who has left his or her mark on society. It’s not just the rich and famous Global Greeks who leave a mark on society as a whole; each of us, in our own way, does this every day within our very own community society.

We’re everywhere

from Auckland to Zanzibar, from Aruba to Zimbabwe.

We’re everywhere

present in all walks of life.

You name it, and you can be sure that there will be a Greek-Something, somewhere, in some city, in some country, who has done it, and in a lot of cases, who has done it extremely well.

Architecture, Politics, Law and Order, Medicine, Technology, Sport, Fashion and Design, Music, Drama, Theatre and Films are just some of the areas in which we have excelled.

Who are we?

We are around 7 million people (maybe more) of Greek origin who, primarily, live outside Greece but some of us live in Greece too...

We are people who straddle two worlds and often live between two very different societies – between the Hellenic world and culture and our host-country world and culture. 

We often have the best of both worlds but there are disadvantages too…

Our ages vary – we can be anywhere between under 10 and over 90.

Many of us were born, or raised, outside Greece.

Many of us visit Greece frequently, some once in twenty years, and some of us have never even been to Greece.

Some of us left Greece to go abroad for various reasons and decided to stay on in our host country.

Some of us have come back ‘home’, to live in the country that our parents or grandparents left behind, to find our roots and to discover what being Greek is all about.

For those of us who have taken this step, it is a major challenge indeed.

Some of us have been disappointed, overwhelmed, angered and frustrated by many aspects of living in Greece.

Some of us have fallen in love with Greece, brought in fresh ideas, created new businesses, thrived and gone from strength to strength in our ‘new’ home.

What unites us all, wherever in the world we are, is our love for Greece, our sense of pride in our common ethnic heritage and our sense of belonging to a wider Community, our sense of belonging to what we call the Global Greek World!!!

We are here to showcase the positive side of  all things Greek whether in Greece or abroad,  and to single out those people who have put their little something into bringing this about.

Our Website
Our site is for and about Greeks all over the world! 

Our mission is bringing Greeks together - uniting the Global Greek World and showcasing Greece and all things Greek.

Our needs might be different but what we want to do is gather this global community together and help each other… and as we help each other, determine how we can help our homeland. 
Each one of our Global Greeks, wherever he or she is in the world, is an Ambassador for Greece!   

Public diplomacy at its very best. 

Let's capitalise on that to the best of our ability.

Greece needs every single one of us right now, and every little bit that we can do to help counts, no matter how small it is and from whichever part of the world that help comes.

We want this website to be useful and interesting for you, to be  a reference point, to inform and be informed. 

We particularly want it to be a tool for promoting the best and brightest that Greece has to offer at home and abroad.

Your  feedback and input is extremely important to us as we develop it and get to know the members of our ‘little’ global community and its needs.

We're on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on LinkedIn and on YouTube.

Join us and enjoy the wonderful journey around our Global Greek World…

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 
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