Saturday, July 27, 2013

And the Winners of Global Greek World's Surprise Draw Are....

 We  celebrated and said a big ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ for helping GGW get to 6000 wonderful friends on our Facebook page and 4000 on Twitter by holding a Surprise Giveaway!

Check out the prizes won by our 3 prizewinners who come from near and far...

In the Kitchen with Argiro
Christine Kounis of Athens Greece wins this great cookbook.

Donated by one of Greece's  talented, dynamic and internationally acclaimed 
celebrity chefs, Argiro Barbarigou 

Argiro recently spent  time abroad, helping organise the Greek menus at the OPA Day celebrations in Disneyland during the Greek America Foundation's amazing Gabby weekend 2013, in May in Los Angeles .

Thank you Argiro! Keep up the great work!

Argiro can be found at , on Facebook and on Twitter

From the Zeus collection, solid sterling silver 925 
with authentic "turquoise good luck eye" glass bead.(mati)
Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery for  your Pet or yourself from 
The Lovepaw Collection

Lynn Veremis Karavitis from Iowa in the USA wins this beautiful piece of jewellery for herself or her pet! 

Designed by one of our Global Greeks, and expertly Made in Greece by one of Greece's fine silversmiths , this beautiful piece of jewellery has been donated by Olympia Zacharakis of Miami, creator and founder of The Lovepaw Company, specialising in fine pieces for pets and/or their owners!

Thank you, Olympia!  Buy Greek forever!

Olympia's Lovepaw Company photos can be found on Facebook  while her website  is being upgraded

A complimentary dental check-up and professional hygiene care package for a Wellington  winner and his or her family donated by Great Teeth Dental Care

Myrto Kenny of Wellington, New Zealand has won this great prize! 

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Great Teeth Dental Care is run by one of our many accomplished Global Greek professionals around the world, Dr Stan Litras.

Stan with his expert team of caring and focused professionals,  offers cost effective and sound management of all  oral health issues and personalised service, where each person is treated with respect as an individual.

With over 20 years track record in Wellington, and with investment in the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, you can be sure your dental health is in excellent hands!

Thank you Stan! Our Global Greeks around the world keep making us proud!

Great Teeth Dental Care  can be found on Facebook or at  Great Teeth Dental Care 

A big THANK YOU, to all our friends and to those who participated in the draw with all the great comments, supportive and encouraging!


At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keep Wrestling in the Olympics: Get INVOLVED!

Ancient Olympia 
The last time this ground was wrestled on was the end of the Ancient Games in 393 AD
 Photo Source: FILA Wrestling on FB

This weekend in Greece, wrestlers from around the world have been given special permission and access to Olympia, the place where it all began. They will participate in an international tournament in the birthplace of the ancient Olympics, as part of a worldwide campaign to keep the sport from being dropped after the 2016 Games in Rio.

 SOS Save Olympic Wrestling
at Ancient Olympia 

The International Olympic Committee is planning to remove wrestling - THE original Olympic sport - from the Olympic Games. They were quick to threaten Athens with a red card in 2003 in the lead-up to the 2004 Olympics, so maybe it is time for Athens itself to issue a red card to the IOC after the IOC's 2nd major foul in a year! 

The IOC meets in September to make decisions on the future of Wrestling in the Olympic Games. 

Without intending to diminish the status of any sport, we cannot believe that the IOC is even comtemplating Golf or Baseball as a REPLACEMENT for the Ancient sport of Wrestling!
Moves like this means the IOC risks becoming totally removed from the whole Olympic concept and taking the Olympics down a very slippery path. 

No one - not even the IOC - should have the moral right to remove one of the original sports from the Ancient Greek Olympics especially a group of people who call themselves ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΙ - IMMORTALS and are supposed to be the guardians of the Olympic Movement.

Olympic ideals should not be about money, merchandising, or television rights  ...

The IOC  motto is Respect, Excellence, Friendship.

Where is their RESPECT towards the Ancient Olympics?

More hubris to go with the one in July at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony when the IOC President welcomed the Games HOME - to LONDON!


Get involved, Spread the word! Share around the world, sign the petitions. 

Join the Fila Wrestling Page on Facebook

Let's send the message loud and clear to the IOC, that Olympics without Wrestling - one of the original Olympic sports - are not Olympics! 

Keep Wrestling in the Olympics, now and forever! 

PS We ran a poll on the subject too, but had to remove it as something was going wrong... the results were very encouraging however with over 180 people answering YES...

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo of the Day: German FinMin Schaeuble Visits Athens and Meets the Political Offspring!

 Keeping it in the family
 Photo/cartoon of the day from Andreas Petroulakis:  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a cartoon like this is worth at least a million!

Germany's FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble 
(prounounced soi-ble = family Blue) 
meets members of Greece's many political families or 'sogia': 
Soi-Kedikoglou etc

All of these are Ministers or Members of Greece's Parliament, and children of former Ministers and/or Prime Ministers of Greece...
Germany's Minister of Finance is visiting Athens, 
to tell us Greece is doing... well!
Not sure whether we should laugh or cry...

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet the World Crete

Meet the World ... in Crete

"The most beautiful island in the Mediterranean!
It has all those places I told you about and more..."

See for Yourself, Feel for yourself!

This is the latest promotional video in the series 
by Thodoris Papadoulakis, 
the director of the amazing story of Spinalonga,  
The Island/ Το Νησί by Victoria Hislop.

The campaign is run by Incredible Crete the official  Tourism Promotion site of the Region of Crete - Περιφέρεια Κρήτης

There's still time!
Make your reservation NOW!

Meet the Crete!

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 
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