Global Greeks For Greece

Μην κοιτάς τι κάνει η πατρίδα για σένα,  
Κοίτα τί μπορείς ΕΣΥ να κάνεις για ΑΥΤΗ...

5th December 2012
International Volunteer Day 
and the most appropriate day for  setting the wheels in motion 

Global Greeks for Greece 

Our Global Greeks: volunteers from the cradle
Our Global Greeks:the face of Greece in the world.
Our Global Greeks: coming together for Greece.

Global Greeks for Greece is about mobilising Greece's dynamic and resourceful diaspora, a pretty well untapped and underutilised asset, and showcasing those coming through for our homeland... 

We need to encourage Greece's very successful and wealthy diaspora to invest in their homeland, invest in Greece, invest in the future. The opportunities offered today are tremendous and our Global Greeks have both the business acumen and the resources to make change a reality. 

Greece needs every single one of us right now, and every little bit that we can do to help counts, no matter how small it is and whichever part of the world that that help comes from.

Each one of our people doing whatever is in one's power to do. whether it is investing or volunteering, buying Greek products and services or travelling to Greece, contributing to Greek charities or fund raising in our local communities.

On a large scale or small, every little bit helps and is based on the principle of solidarity and support for our homeland.

Solidarity and support - principles that have always characterised the diaspora's feeling for our homeland the concept behind Global Greek World and our project

Global Greeks for Greece: Bringing Greeks together
... for Greece

As JFK* said...

Ask not what your country can do for you, 
ask what YOU can do for your country

Think about it.

What can YOU do to help Greece today?

Tell us,   
send us an email,

Like us on Facebook at Global Greeks For Greece
Follow us on Twitter at GlobalGreeks4Greece

More details soon...but in the meantime

It is very encouraging to see the initiatives being undertaken by our Global Greek Organisations to raise funds and provide the support which is essential to keep the life blood circulating while the Greek economy tries to get back on its feet.

Among them:

*While the late US President, John F  Kennedy, is considered to be the author of this quote, there are thoughts that Lebanese American writer Khalil Gibran may have been the one who originally expressed this thought, calling on his Lebanese countrymen to rise against Lebanon's Turkish occupiers.

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 

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