Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo of the Day: A N E R G O U M E/Α Ν Ε Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε

Photo Source: Paraskinio

A N E Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε instead of A Π Ε Ρ Γ Ο Υ Μ Ε
'We're unemployed' not 'we're on strike'...

A clever play on words from today's demonstration in Athens' Syntagma Square following a general strike to protest new austerity measures about to be imposed on a people who are being crippled by the ever-increasing demands on their ever-decreasing income...

The strike, contrary to what has hit the world press, neither paralysed the country nor stopped it functioning...

The headlines were Greece Paralysed by Strikes... well, no, Greece wasn't really... people went to work, teachers taught, bank employees worked, the DEH, OTE and other utility companies were open as were tax and other government departments - paralysed? Hardly... 

The demonstrations were peaceful, the people who demonstrated were orderly...those who came later created the mayhem and that's what was broadcast to the world...a couple of hours later everything was back to normal and we went about our business as usual but nobody told the rest of the world that.

For a couple of hours today Syntagma got the brunt of the hooded and masked brigade's fury as they set fire to a marquee and ripped off whatever could be used as weapons hurling burning plinths and molotovs and just about torching the national gardens... 

One question remains: Are we ever going to find out who is under those hoods?

PM Antonis Samaras said he was going to lift the hoods and reveal all...

What we know is that they are known as the Gnostoi-Agnostoi... the known-unknowns.

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