Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Global Greek Issues - Greece's Ban on Smoking...153 Years Later

So you thought that a ban on smoking in public places in Greece was something new?
Well, we have news for you!!! On the 31st of July 1856, yes, 1856, you read correctly, a Royal decree signed by Queen Amalia in the name of the King of the Hellenes, Otto, was issued, banning smoking in all public places, offices and stores, according to an email we received recently from Liz P, Greece. Thanks for passing it on, Liz!

For those of our readers that can read Greek, this is a copy of the decree...

Most of us can safely hypothesize as to the fate of that law, otherwise Greece would now have the best record in the world as far as non-smoking laws are concerned, rather than almost the worst.

Hopefully, the current no-smoking law brought in from 1st of June, 2009 has a better fate!
According to reports so far, things are going well, far better than expected. Most people like the fact that when they go out, to the bouzoukia and clubs , they don't come home smelling as if they have had the contents of the ashtrays emptied into their hair and that their clothes don't have to be aired for days so that the odour of stale smoke can disappear...
Go Greece!!! Welcome to a new era :)

 Share your experiences with us...
What do you think? Will this last? Have you seen it enforced where you are?

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  1. I honestly can't believe that I'll be able to go to bouzoukia for the first time ever without, as you said, everything reeking of smoke. I haven't gone for years, because it means washing my very long thick hair before going to sleep (which means finally falling into bed with very wet hair at about 6am) or having to wash the sheets and the pillowcases the next day(no small task in Greece).

    Do I dare hope? I still can't believe that the ban will be enforced, especially on the islands, but I guess I'll find out in one month's time.

    Thanks for giving me hope...

    website: www.itsallgreecetome.com

  2. Absolutely! We look forward to your feedback then too!

  3. i'm with rebecca - i cannot stand the smell of smoke, hence i never go to clubs and bars that reek of them. i hate smell of smoke in my hair, my clothes, my handbag, and every single thing that is tainted by it

    will the smoking ban last? no, i doubt it.

  4. Smoking is especially endemic on the islands, ashtrays everywhere and bar staff smoking while serving customers. Not exactly hiding it!

  5. Thanks Anonymous, although it would be nice if you shared your name with us... never mind...
    are you referring to smoking being carried on in closed spaces or outside on the islands? It isn't illegal to smoke outside as far as we know.

    1. I refer to smoking in bars and clubs, with ashtrays everywhere and bar staff puffing away.


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