Friday, October 17, 2014

36 Hours in Athens with the NYT: It's Never Enough but it's a Great Start...

Beauty in motion: Athens' magnificent flying runner "Ο Δρομέας". 
Against a backdrop of Mt Ymittos and set between the Hilton and the Caravel Hotels, Varotsos' sculpture in glass appears ready to take off...
Just ONE of the amazing things to see in Athens! 

You can never get enough of Athens! 

Every corner reveals something new - Antiquities, amazing churches, art, music, history, culture, music, mythology, cuisine - LIFE! 

For those of us who love this wonderful city steeped in history, we are so glad that The New York Times agrees with us!

Watch the great little video from the team at the New York Times (Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael and Aaron Wolfe), then read the article by Joanna Kakissis, it will make you want to be here! 

So call your travel agent, book your tickets and hop on over for a weekend break... you will love it.

36 Hours in Athens... It's Never Enough but it's a great start!


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