Wednesday, November 14, 2018

'111 Places in Athens That you Shouldn't Miss' - Three Authors and a Great Book Launch, Athens Tuesday 13 November!

The Book: 
111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn't Miss

It promised to be a great evening and it was! 
Our authors chose the ominously, inauspicious day of Tuesday the 13th 
for the launch of their book but it worked out beautifully - 
Not a book left to buy! 

Friends, family, colleagues, even ex-teachers came to find out 
about the things they shouldn't miss in Athens! 
 Diana, Diane and Alexia have written a wonderful little guide to 
111 spots around Athens that are not so well-known 
but a treasure trove when you find them.  
From the Riot Dog memorial graffiti to the wonderful Avli Taverna
and 109 more, way too many to detail.
We love it.
 With so much to see around Athens, we think you will soon be writing Volume II 

 Well done everyone!
  The Three Authors:
Diane Shugart, Diana Farr Louis and Alexia Amvrazi
  (like the Three Tenors, but different)

Author Diana at work... signing copies!

Author Alexia at work... signing copies
The Guests:
uthor Diane with yet another famous Diane, Diane Kochilas, 
 our Greek Food Guru from the amazing island of Ikaria, the island where people forget to die...
 Our talented and accomplished GlobalGreeks rule! 

The Guests: 
The Greek - Irish Connection
Journalist Damian Mac Con Uladh
an honorary GlobalGreek and an Irishman at the same time
 Mamas, friends and ex teachers all present!

The Guests: 
Here with Biology/Science Teacher Pagona Economou, who always supports Campion's Alumni!
 It's a small world after all...

The Place:
 To Lexikopoleio,
People everywhere!
  Full house - every author's dream for their book launch!

 The Place:
To Lexikopoleio,
standing room only and outside at that!


We managed to get Diane Shugart and Alexia Amvrazi - two talented Alumnae of Athens' Campion School -  but not Diana Farr Louis, we lost her by the time we got round to having our copy signed

the 111 wonderful places in Athens waiting for you
on your next visit to Greece 

Just click here 
To get your very own copy from Amazon! 

A great gift for friends and relatives too,
for Christmas, birthdays or just because!

Don't forget:

Buy GREEK VisitGREECE - Support GREECE - BuyGREEK4Xmas 

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Promoting Beautiful Greece: World Tourism Day 2018 Greek Photo Competition #WTD2018 🇬🇷 💙 🇬🇷

September 27 is known as World Tourism Day
and as always is a great opportunity 
to promote our beautiful Greece -   
THE Tourist Destination -
The ULTIMATE Tourist Destination!

Here at Global Greek World it is the day we launch our Greek Photo Competition every year on our Global Greek World Facebook Page to showcase this magnificent country of ours.

So here goes for our 7th Annual Greek Photo Competition! 

We've set up the album for 2018, which was another record year for Greece's tourist arrivals, now it is over to YOU!

Check it out here

The rules are simple:

Everyone can enter! 

All it takes is a photo that you have taken yourself, anytime, anywhere in Greece that we can add to the album so that people can vote. 

Maximum number of entries per person is 3. 

Send us the photo(s)you would like to enter in the competition either by emailing us directly or by clicking on our Facebook Page, liking it and sending your photo(s) to us via our Facebook Message facility. 

You can send in your favourite photos of Greece until the closing date for entries - Oxi Day, Sunday 28 October 2018. After that voting begins in earnest!

You can vote for all the picture(s) you like...with a 'like'. 

The picture with the greatest number of 'Likes' when the competition closes (sometime in early December) wins.... 
Watch this space! 

 A big thank you to last year's sponsors


for their generosity in donating the great prizes for last year's winners. 

Stay tuned... 

We would love to be able to give away great prizes to the winners again this year but we must rely on sponsors as we don't have the necessary financial resources to do this ourselves. 


if you would like to sponsor a prize please contact us.

If you are a hotel, resort or part of the hospitality industry in Greece we would particularly love to hear from you! 
What you can offer the winner(s): 

A weekend for two at your establishment, 

A dinner for two at your restaurant, 
an air-ticket to an island, 
boat tickets eg a one day 3 island cruise 
even free entry to one of our wonderful museums,  
a beach towel or a beach accessory 
a Greek-related book, 
a bottle of Greek wine
these are all great prizes!

YOU are the ones we are trying to support!

In the meantime, check out your albums, 
digital or otherwise,
Start choosing your best pictures.... 

We are waiting! 

Good luck!

Καλή Επιτυχία!

PS Check out the #WTD2015 competition entries in the video compilation in the top of the sidebar. That year's competition was dedicated to Melina Mercouri and her quest for the Repatriation of the Parthenon Sculptures

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Celebrating AURORA: A Tribute to Nicola David Pinedo

A piano recital with a difference to honour the memory of a very special lady, the lovely Nicola David Pinedo. 

A warm,deeply personal and moving evening attended by close friends and family to mark a very significant event, the announcement by her husband, Clemente, of the establishment of AURORA, a charity that Nicola dreamed of, even as she fought her own difficult battle with leukemia, to help and support all those afflicted by haematological disease. 

Sadly, Nicola didn’t win her battle but Nicola’s legacy, her vision - a foundation that would make a difference - will help many others win theirs in the future. 

A foundation which would address all the concerns Nicola had as she witnessed first-hand the needs of patients and their families in Greece.

A foundation which would provide free accommodation, and support for out-of-town patients needing treatment in Athens.

A foundation which would work with hospitals and other foundations already existing in Greece to provide greater access for patients in need of state-of-the art therapy.

A foundation that would work to provide essential counselling services and support for patients undergoing treatment and their families.

A foundation that would fund research which would hasten the realisation of her vision to make Leukemia and other haematological diseases 100% curable. 

That foundation was launched yesterday at Parnassos Literary Society in Plateia Karytsis in Athens and was appropriately named AURORA. 

AURORA, the wonderful light of dawn which always follows the absolute darkness of the night.

At the piano, the young and very talented performer Alexandros Kyriakopoulos, a classmate of Nicola’s son Alex. who shared an idea of his own to hold a tribute concert for Nicola and donate the proceeds to a charity of her choice.

Alexandros’ spontaneous thought of honouring his friend's Mum was the spark that lit the fire, the catalyst the Pinedo and David families needed to set things in motion for yesterday’s very moving event – a concert of the music their beloved Nicola adored - to accompany the launch of a foundation in her honour; a foundation that would be instrumental in making a difference, a foundation that would be her legacy.

As her husband Clemente told the audience, as he talked about ‘the love of his life’  

Nicola will be smiling proudly at us all tonight. 

We have no doubts whatsoever that she was smiling broadly last night-
that unique, characteristic and hugely infectious smile that lit up her face and made her glow with happiness


    For more information and to find out how you can help,
contact the Aurora Foundation
                               'Nicola had lists for everything that had to be done, 
                                 To Do lists which she ticked off one by one'
                           Harry David talking about his beloved sister Nicola
               We're sure Nicola has ticked the launch of AURORA off her list now!

Alexandros Kyriakopoulos 
one of our very talented young Global Greek musicians 
honouring Nicola, his friend's mother

  with the music she loved to listen to...
Bach, Liszt, Beethoven, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Chopin

         The historical Parnassos Literary Society Building in Karytsis Square Athens 


For more information and to find out how you can help, 
contact the Aurora Foundation

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