Visit GREECE This Summer

Summer in Greece is... Blue - Deep Blue! 

Russell Crowe tweeted this yesterday - 21 May 2013
from Mykonos, just ONE of Greece's magnificent Greek Islands

Time to make up for those 49 lost years Russell!  

See you again soon! 


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Join us...
Visit Greece This Summer 

Summer's coming...
Greece is waiting with open arms...

What are YOU waiting for?

Do your bit for Greece!  

Join the rest of us 
in the land chosen by the Gods for their home: 
 Greece - Ελλάδα - Hellas!
Greece is safe,
Greece is beautiful,
Greece is unique!
The Greek islands, the Greek Sun and the Greek Beaches are NOT in crisis!

Bring your family, 
Bring a friend,
Let's all help bring the WORLD to Greece this year!  
Let's make 2013 the year of Greece.
Let's make 2013 the year we get EVERYONE, 
Global Greeks or otherwise, 

to GREECE!  
From Crete to Corfu...
Join the World's  Celebrities spending time in Greece! 

At Global Greek World We ♥ Greece... and it Shows!

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  1. my dear lovely Greeece!!! I hope i will come back this summer and i will meet nice people again, i will see all this BEAUTY again!
    big love!

  2. Friends like you keep us going! Thank you for your love and support for Greece!


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