Monday, September 27, 2021

Promoting Beautiful Greece: World Tourism Day 2021 Greek Photo Competition #WTD2021 🇬🇷 💙 🇬🇷


September 27 is known as World Tourism Day
and as always is a great opportunity 
to promote our beautiful Greece -   
THE Tourist Destination -
The ULTIMATE Tourist Destination!

Here at Global Greek World it is the day we launch our Greek Photo Competition every year on our Global Greek World Facebook Page to showcase this magnificent country of ours.

We have chosen one of our favourite sculptures of the philosopher Diogenes and Alexander the Great in #Corinth as the cover for this year's #GreekPhotoCompetition because of its symbolism for our world and humanity at large... that we shouldn't let anyone, no matter how great and mighty they are deprive us of something they cannot grant us...
The philosopher Diogenes asks the great Alexander to move a little because he is blocking his sun... Alexander had gone to visit him in Corinth to ask hm what wish of Diogenes he could grant him... and his response is reported to have been
'Μη μου στερείς αυτό που δεν μπορείς να μου χαρίσεις'
'Don't deprive me of something you cannot give me...'

It becomes even more meaningful when we think that 2021, understandably, was much better than 2020 but still a difficult year for Greece's tourist arrivals. 
The Covid19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the entire world's travel plans and put lives and businesses on hold around the world as almost every country prioritised saving lives. 

Even though many of our friends still couldn't get here because of their countries' #Covid19 travel restrictions,  their hearts were with us here in Greece.
Thank you all! 
#StaySafe ️

Here goes for our 10th Annual Greek Photo Competition! 

We've set up the album for 2021, now it is over to YOU!

Check it out here

The rules are simple:

Everyone can enter! 

All it takes is a photo that you have taken yourself, anytime, anywhere in Greece that we can add to the album so that people can vote. 

Maximum number of entries per person is 3. 

Send us the photo(s)you would like to enter in the competition either by emailing us directly or by clicking on our Facebook Page, liking it and sending your photo(s) to us via our Facebook Message facility. This year we recommend emailing because for some reason this year, the quality of the photo we end up with via the Send Message facility doesn't do the photo justice at all!

You can send in your favourite photos of Greece until the closing date for entries - Oxi Day, Thursday, 28 October 2021. Please note that , now revised to Friday 5th November because of the issues with the download quality in Facebook.
After that voting begins in earnest!
You can vote for all the picture(s) you like...with a 'like'. 

The picture with the greatest number of 'Likes' 
when the competition closes (sometime in December) wins....

Stay tuned
we would love to be able to give away many great prizes to the winners again this year but we must rely on sponsors as we don't have the necessary financial resources to do this ourselves. 


if you would like to sponsor a prize please contact us.
It's been such a tough year for our hospitality and travel industry but...
If you are a hotel, resort or part of the hospitality industry in Greece we would particularly love to hear from you! 

What you can offer the winner(s): 

A weekend for two at your establishment, 

A dinner for two at your restaurant, 
an air-ticket to an island, 
boat tickets eg a one day 3 island cruise 
even free entry to one of our wonderful museums,  
a beach towel or a beach accessory 
a Greek-related book, 
a bottle of Greek wine
these are all great prizes!

YOU are the ones we are trying to support! 
  A big thank you to last year's wonderful sponsors

Sue, The Angelakos Family and Alpha Beach Hotel

Matt Barrett Econopouly at GreeceTravel

for their generosity!  
Start choosing your best pictures....  
 check out your albums, 
digital or otherwise,
send us your entries!

We are waiting! 

Good luck!

Καλή Επιτυχία!

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!
© GlobalGreekWorld 2009-2021 All Rights Reserved


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