Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo of the Day! Bravo Greece!

Greek football officials jump for joy in Gdansk...while others just sit...

 A photo is worth a thousand words 
and this photo says it all! 
Greece's Samaras scores the equaliser 
and the camera records the reactions! 

Just look at the range of emotion on those faces: from Michel Platini and Angela Merkel's Hope-it-goes-away look, to Lech Walesa's broad smirk and the Greeks' jubilation! 

Bravo Team Greece! We're so proud of you all!
You played with your hearts, with dignity and pride, and you fought to the end!

Thank you!

And because we, as Greeks who invented the concept, believe in the principles of 
'Ευ αγωνίζεσθαι' or Fair Play
congratulations to Germany, who played so well and won! 

We didn't see it, but in the interests of the same Fair Play, we hope that Chancellor Merkel at least had the courtesy to applaud the two goals Greece scored... anything less would have been small minded! 

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