Friday, June 22, 2012

Greece vs Germany: Καλή Επιτυχία Ελλάδα Μας! Good luck Greece!

Εθνική Ελλάδος -David, Greece's National team takes on Germany-Goliath, in today's Euro 2012 match and if it wins has every chance of pulling off a repeat of her historic Euro 2004!!! 

In every single corner of our Global Greek World, everyone is getting ready for the Game of Games, THE match of this years Euro 2012 championship! 

Even our daughter, little Miss 12, loves football and she is an avid collector of the Panini cards...

Hellas Pages in Little Miss 12's Panini Book

Only Tziolis and Charisteas missing here...

We all know that Germany hasn't been the best friend to Greece during the financial crisis, quite the opposite in many ways in fact.

In the last few days, the German press has done it's best to ridicule the Greek team, but that isn't what sport is all about. Thanks to our favourite German Otto Rekhaghel, the architect of the 2004 victory and Greece's coach, Fernando Santos, Ethniki Ellados can take on anyone, even with Chancellor Merkel is in the stand!

Greece's players have said they have nothing to lose and everything to gain and will put their heart and soul into this game. 

That's all we can ask for! 

Diego Maradona wrote the following in the Times of India

“Fernando Santos knows he has the game of his life in his hands, as he faces an uphill battle of gargantuan magnitude. But if 300 Greeks were able to hold off 10,000 Persians at Thermopylae, than 11 Greeks certainly will have a chance against 11 Germans,”

  «Ο Φερνάντο Σάντος ξέρει ότι το παιχνίδι της ζωής του είναι στο χέρι του, καθώς αντιμετωπίζει έναν γιγάντιο αντίπαλο. Αλλά, αν 300 Έλληνες ήταν ικανοί να απωθήσουν 10,000 Πέρσες στις Θερμοπύλες, τότε 11 Έλληνες έχουν ευκαιρία απέναντι σε 11 Γερμανούς».

Thank you Diego!

As for us, we'll be right behind our team and look forward to seeing moments like these again!  

Καλή Επιτυχία Ελλάδα Μας!  
 Good luck Greece! 

But just to be safe, we took all the necessary precautions to help Greece along, sending Greece's special envoy Konstantine Mitsotakis to wish Germany well...

despite this if we don't win, don't worry... 
you can always watch this match, where Greece DID win!
Thank you Monty Python!

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