Saturday, February 11, 2012

YES, Greece CAN...Despite The Memoranda!


For all those who would like to see what exactly the two Memoranda between Greece and the Troika of her creditors - the EU, the ECB and the IMF, say, see below for the measures involved for the already much beleaguered people of Greece....

The people of Greece who are being called upon to make major sacrifices and suffer for the next few years, because, tragically, her political leaders failed to build a properly functioning state over the last 40 years that would also safeguard its citizens against the whims and voracious appetites of the world's vultures...

Greece needs to get its own house in order and make structural reforms, for its own sake, but the Troika's recipe isn't necessarily the right way to go. There are many voices, in Greece and around the world arguing against an imposed austerity seemingly without justice, incentives and hope for  future growth. An austerity designed primarily to ensure payback to banks and institutions who have made killings all these years. These protests are falling on deaf ears, however, as the grey-suited bureaucrats making decisions conveniently forget that there are real people suffering behind the numbers they see in front of them and the resultant brain drain, as the young and the talented leave Greece to pursue lives and careers elsewhere, is the last thing that Greece needs right now.

Whatever happens though, Greece is a nation that has survived much worse over the course of her long history, and although we are confident that it will survive this challenge too, wherever we are in the world, we need to be united and strong; we need to show our love for our homeland; we need to realise that Greece needs us ALL, and especially our support.

The support that we gave our homeland so generously and open-handedly whenever she was on top - in sport or culture, during the glorious Year of Greece in 2004, for example - is much more crucial now when her people are struggling.

We need to be there for the land we know and love.

We need to support the Greek people materially and financially - to help look after the weak who are fighting for their families, who have lost their income and homes and who have no alternative -  but we especially need to support the Greek people's efforts, by giving them as much moral support and encouragement as we can. Our back up, encouragement and support will be critical  in the difficult days ahead, to help our people remain strong, to stay the course and to hold their heads up high.

Source: Billy Candiloros - thanks!

We should never let anyone or anything make us ashamed to be Greek let alone the incompetent politicians and greedy, self-seeking individuals who have brought Greece to the state she is in today.

We need to bring out the best in our people all over the world, so that we can all look forward to a better and brighter future for our homeland - the country we love - Greece.

We need to stand behind the people of Greece so that they can REBUILD, REPOWER, REINVENT, RESTART...

UNITED we Greeks have shown that we can create magic - Greek magic- and we will   again!

YES, Greece, CAN!

Greece—Memorandum of Understanding on Specific Economic Policy Conditionality, 9 Feb 2012
 Greece—Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, 9 Feb 2012 

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