Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dedicated To the Troika: From Greece with .... Humour, Black Humour

 From the pen of the wonderful Kostas Mitropoulos 
in Greek daily newspaper,Ta Nea 
Humour with a bite

Troika IMF etc, in the helicopter up above:  Decide Mr Mitso         

Mr Mitso ( the ordinary Greek Citizen, barefoot, caught between a bush of prickly cactuses labelled Staying in the Euro and a cliff precipice labelled Return to the Drachma):  

I would like an advance for some shoes, even if they are jandals

Today is an important day for Greece and only the future will tell us whether it is a positive or a negative one in the recent history of Greece, so we decided to mark it with humour... albeit black!

...and because the Troikans seem to be obsessed with the 13th and 14th Salaries in the private sector, not sure why, and Greece's political leaders are rejoicing that they have succeeded in saving these, despite the fact that, tragically, their concessions meant a lot more purchasing power was lost for the people of Greece and especially the lower income and pension earners,  we thought we would add this special tribute from our friends at Radio Arvyla...

We saved the 13th&14th Salary... Glory to us

P.S.  Dear Troika, Don't forget to have it translated...otherwise it will be all Greek to you!

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