Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today We Are ALL Greek! Σήμερα είμαστε ΟΛΟΙ 'Ελληνες! Nous sommes TOUS Grecs!

Today we are ALL Greek!

Today we are all standing peacefully in solidarity with Greece!

Today, around the world, EVERYBODY is standing in solidarity with Greece!

We are all standing behind and supporting our beloved Greece, a nation that has survived much worse over the course of her long history, and although we are confident that it will survive this challenge too, wherever we are in the world, we need to be united and strong; we need to show our love for our homeland; we need to realise that Greece needs us ALL, and especially our support.

Our support and solidarity is crucial at this moment. 

We all need to BE THERE for the land we know and love, the land that has given so much and inspired so many on all levels throughout the course of her history, ancient and modern.

We need to support the Greek people materially and financially - to help look after the weak who are fighting for their families, who have lost their income and homes and who have no alternative -  but we especially need to support the Greek people's efforts, by giving them as much moral support and encouragement as we can. Our back up, encouragement and support will be critical  in the difficult days ahead, to help us and our people, the Greek people, remain strong, to hold our heads up high and stay the course as essential life-saving reforms and structural changes are made but with justice and time frames that work - austerity without justice will never work.

We need to bring out the best in our people all over the world, so that united we can all look forward to a better and brighter future for our homeland - the country we love - Greece.

We need to stand with and behind Greece to REBUILD, REPOWER, REINVENT, RESTART...

UNITED we Greeks have shown that we can create magic - Greek magic- and we will   again!

YES, Greece, CAN...

All we are saying... just give Greece a prove it!

Inspired and motivating 
by Gerasimos Katevatis of Kandy Creative


  1. Another global Greek with great impact!

  2. Thanks Anonymous, although we don't usually publish anonymous comments. Dr Nicholas Christakis was the subject of one of our very first posts...
    here's the link


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