Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greece: One of the Greatest Brands that's (N)ever been Branded

Earlier this year, in a post called Rebuilding Our Myth: YES we CAN we wrote the following

'We Greeks know all about myths... in fact our ancestors created the whole concept and built up the brand name!

Now at one of the critical crossroads in her long and glorious history, Greece, along with the rest of us who love this country whether living here or abroad, has started the process of debunking some of the myths that have been circulating in the last few months and rebuilding her own incredible Greek Myth.

In today's strictly commercial terms, this is called rebuilding a brand and that brand is none other than

Let's all do our bit to help rebuild 
Brand GREECE - for us and the future generations.'

Today we were thrilled to see that one of our Global Greeks, Peter Economides, a brand strategist with a successful career behind him (including Apple's Think Different campaign) has got started on this and we love what he has done... 

Have a look at the brilliant presentation he put together for Rebranding Greece, the 11th International Aristoteli Conference in Thessaloniki  where he was conference keynote speaker on 11/11/11, a historic day for Greece from many points of view  ...

You will love it too!

Brand Greece
View more presentations from Peter Economides
Brand GREECE -   

One of the Greatest Brands that's never been branded

The Greatest little brand in the world!

Let's all get the message out there!

Here is Peter giving his presentation at the conference bringing it all together...

About Peter ...from his resume at Felix BNI

Peter Economides is a brand strategist with a global perspective.

He has lived on four continents doing work that has impacted brands and consumers almost everywhere. He has learned from the leaders of some of the world’s best brands.

Owner and founder of Felix BNI based in Athens, Peter is a former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Client Services at global advertising agency McCann Erickson Worldwide and Head of Global Clients at TBWA\Worldwide.

His journey through the world of advertising and marketing started in his native South Africa and took him via Hong Kong, Greece and Mexico to New York, and back to Athens. “The Med is definitely the best.”

He has managed and grown leading ad agencies as CEO/President in Greece, Mexico and the United States.  At McCann Erickson Worldwide he was responsible for the global management of the $1.8 billion Coca-Cola advertising account.  At TBWA\Worldwide he structured and rolled out the global “Think Different” campaign following the return of Steve Jobs to Apple.

Felix BNI clients have included Audi, Volkswagen, Heineken Breweries, Pepsi-Cola, the International Olympic Committee,, Seychelles Tourism, the Antenna Group and Pernod-Ricard. 

Peter’s work is focussed on change - on the strategic responses to shifting culture, consumer habits and behavior, and the challenges of regional and global expansion.

His view is that branding strategy needs to be spherical and all encompassing, touching every aspect of the business organization and process.  As he says, “everything communicates” and “strategy is nothing without a universally compelling, and individually enchanting big idea that engages and aligns people inside and outside the corporation.”

Peter is a Board Director Make-A-Wish Foundation International.

One of his passions is sailing, especially in the Aegean. Another is diving, especially in the Indian Ocean. But his biggest passion is brand strategy.... 

We want to see Peter's passion create the greatest brand ever...

Greece, Hellas, Hellenes!

Global Greek World is with you all the way! 

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  1. Thank you for spreading the word. We can do it if we do it together. I belive this deep, deep inside.

  2. We do to Peter, we do too! With you all the way! :)


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