Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Huma Mobin's 'Husband-Less-Honeymoon' in GReece Photo Album goes Viral!

Huma Mobin on her 'Husband-less-Honeymoon' in Greece
Source: Photos are from Huma's Facebook page, the collage is ours!
Theoretically this lovely lady should be smiling… but she’s not, even though she is having a great holiday in the best country in the world…

Which country is that? Greece, of course! 

How can someone be in Greece and be unhappy you say? It’s simple. 

If you were planning the trip as a second honeymoon and your other half didn’t get his visa approved, then you have good reason to be a bit sad as you go on your ‘Husband-less Honeymoon’ to Athens, Crete and Santorini.

That’s what happened to Huma Mobin. A creative director at BBDO in Pakistan, she didn’t let the inspiration she had go to waste. 

She decided to create her own ‘Husband-less-Honeymoon-in-Greece’ album with her arm around her in absentia’ husband and share the photos with that other half, and of course, via Facebook, with the rest of the world!

Her pictures have gone viral. We loved her story so we are sharing it and the photos. 

 Source: Huma Mobin's Facebook page

Thanks for visiting Greece, Huma and for showing the world how beautiful this country is even when your other half couldn’t make it!

We hope that you will come back soon, with your husband and take the same photos with him in it this time!

 Compassionate Caryatid - Acropolis Museum
Source: Huma Mobin's Facebook page

PS Please make sure you get his visa application in early next time, just in case…
PPS Maybe you should enter one or two of your photos in this year's World Tourism Day Greek Photo Competition starting in September 2016! 

Think about it!  

Check out the rest of Huma’s pictures on her personal FB page  or on her Outside Girl FB Page.


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