Saturday, May 18, 2013

GO GREECE! Eurovision 2013 - OPA!!!!

 Agathonas and Koza Mostra

The group Koza Mostra got together with popular rebetiko singer and cult figure Agathonas Iakovidis to perform the song Alcohol Is Free, Greece's entry in tonight's Eurovision Song Competition!

Agathonas with baglamadaki and komboloi

We love the song, we love the cool, unmoved-by-anything-except-his-song-and-his baglamadaki-Agathonas, and we love the skirts, which take us back to Greece's school uniforms of yesteryear!

Wacky, catchy and crazy enough to win!

If you are in a European country other than Greece, don't forget to vote for G R E E C E!!!

Looking forward to a few 'douze points' (12 points) tonight! 

As Agathonas says:  

Γεια μας!!!

Agathonas and Koza Mostra 
Eurovision Final 18 May 2013  

Results: the song came in at No 6, with a real fun performance by Agathonas and Koza Mostra - probably the most fun performance of the night!

Greece got off to a great start receiving its first 12 points from San Marino, the first country to call in the results! 

Greece got her 2nd 12 from Cyprus, 10 from Albania and Russia, 8 from Armenia, the United Kingdom and Montenegro, 7 from Austria, Italy, Rumania and Bulgaria, 6 from Belarus, Denmark and Germany and  1, 2, 3, 4  and 5 from a few other countries. 

Thank you to all who voted for Greece: we proved that we know how to have fun despite the economic doom and gloom!! 


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