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Do it like the Kardashians: Visit Greece this Summer!

 tweets Kim Kardashian from Mykonos
reposting this photo tweeted by her brother Brody Jenner

Keeping up with the Kardashians?


Well, we had to plead ignorance on this one…we didn't know too much about the Kardashian family, except that they are an American family of Armenian descent who are the subject of a television reality show.... Until a couple of years ago that is.

 The first time we heard about the family was this tweet by Kim Kardashian in April of 2010 to raise awareness for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
We replied with a photo from Athens’ Syntagma Square taken at the commemoration for the 95th Anniversary of the genocide by Greece's Armenian Youth.  

@KimKardashian From the stand in Syntagma Square in Athens - the
Armenian Youth of Greece informing the public about the 95th Anniversary of the #ArmenianGenocide’

 In case you didn’t know, the Armenian people, like the Greek Pontians, were the target of the ethnic cleansing campaigns in Turkey in 1915, losing 1.5million of their own, so in a very great sense, our two peoples are kindred spirits. 

Like the Hellenes, the Armenians have migrated all over the world and have not only adapted well in their host countries, they have also been enormously successful, while from generation to generation they proudly proclaim their Armenian heritage. 

 Kim and the family raise the issue of the Armenian genocide at every opportunity, but in particular on the 24th April, the anniversary of that massacre. 

“Wow” said someone on Twitter “ Kim Kardashian just introduced the Armenian genocide to millions of people activists and journalists could never reach.”

It is to their credit, that they are using their celebrity status to bring such a subject to the attention of people around the world, via Twitter, their blogs or in any other way. 

Now to get back to the Kardashians and how they got to Mykonos.

The family acquired celebrity status from the moment their mother Kris Jenner decided to allow cameras into their home to observe every moment of their family life. Never having seen the reality show, we can’t pass judgement but a quick look at American tabloids, lifestyle, celebrity magazines and sites will be sure to have one or other of the members of the family on the front ‘cover’. 

We might not have seen Greek olive oil or Greek wine in the stores of Florida’s largest Supermarket chain, Publix, during our last trip but we certainly managed to see the Kardashian name everywhere we looked.

 It is quite obvious that the Kardashian ‘brand’ sells and it sells big time! 

That’s probably what the Mayor of Mykonos and a group of Mykonian business people counted on when they put their heads, finances and resources together, and invited the Kardashian family to come to Mykonos, Greece’s number 1 island destination for international jet-setters.
They invited the Kardashians to holiday and film their reality show in the most heavenly place on earth… and the family accepted. 

After the battering Greece’s image has received in the last couple of years and with the 2013 tourist season just round the corner, the arrival of the Kardashians en famille, whether you love them or hate them,  was a big plus and probably the best advertising Mykonos and Greece could get! 

The family was here for a few days and appeared to be having a great time in Mykonos, judging from the tweets sent out, with photos of gorgeous views attached, from the respective accounts of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and the other members of the family! 

They took a quick side trip to beautiful Santorini where they dined, shopped, had fun and even smashed some plates… really getting their Greek on, so to speak!  

Source: Splash

Probably the most controversial part of the trip was the photo of a happily pregnant Kim Kardashian on a Mykonos beach, in a bikini. This picture was the subject of much intense and at times ugly debate on the internet as to whether she should have released the photos for publication. 

Often criticised for her taste in clothes and especially maternity clothes, the picture below shows a woman happy with herself and at ease with her body in pregnancy, the most life-changing months in any woman’s life. Yet many people saw fit to tear her to bits... a bit hypocritical from people who spend their lives watching other people's lives on Reality TV, you would think.

 Photo:  Brian Prahl / Splash News 

We have no problem with that, especially since she chose Mykonos as the backdrop!

Dear Kardashians, 

We’re so glad you enjoyed Mykonos and felt at home in our beautiful homeland!

Help us spread the word! 

Let’s bring the world to Greece this year!

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!

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