Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear David Cameron, Elgin STOLE them, They are NOT the Elgin Marbles


Dear British Prime Minister, David Cameron,

Let's get it straight...
Elgin STOLE them, they are NOT the Elgin Marbles.
The sculptures held captive in the British Museum are
the PARTHENON Marbles 

You cannot change the past, what's done is done.

But you CAN do something about the future,
You CAN change the present.

Do what's right.
Return the PARTHENON sculptures to their rightful home, 
Return the PARTHENON Sculptures to Greece. 

Global Greek World

** This post is dedicated to our beloved Melina Mercouri, 
who left us 19 years ago today,
 on March 6, 1994. 

She never accepted this abhorrent term, 
said the following:

There are no such things as the Elgin Marbles.
There is a Michael Angelo David.
There is a Da Vinci Venus.
There is a Praxitelles Hermes.
There is a Turner ‘Fishermen at Sea’.
There are no Elgin Marbles!
There are NO Elgin Marbles.

They are the PARTHENON Marbles.

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 

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