Friday, October 12, 2012

Greece: Moving Forward Investment Forum - 15-16 October 2012

Greece :  Investment Forum 'Moving Forward'

Organised by the IHT and Kathimerini,  a  conference on how Greece should move forward using all the resources at its disposal, is to be held  on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th October 2012, at Athens' Grande Bretagne Hotel.

As Greece's economy continues to struggle with recession and its government tries to reach its bailout targets, as the average Greek person sees his standard of living dropping and his  disposable income reaching non-disposable levels, an ever-increasing number of business and political leaders agree that investments and new projects are needed to change the trend and create wealth again.

As far as we are concerned it is the only way that things can change and we are certainly looking forward to the conference.

What are the changes required?

What economic and political forces need to contribute to ensure that the Greek economy can reach financial stability and restore its image and credibility on the world stage?

What will it take for Greece to start "Moving Forward"?

We hope that the list of speakers over the two day forum will come up with answers to this exceptionally important and critical question.

The list of speakers includes Greek Prime Minister Andonis Samaras, who recently stated that:

"We need to jump-start the economy and move ahead with reforms to restore competitiveness with the support of our European partners and the vibrant communities of the Greek diaspora." 

Political party leaders, senior ministers, politicians, prominent business people, and journalists will also be participating in what promises to be a highly-productive conference.

We were particularly pleased to hear PM Samaras refer to the Greek diaspora, as we consider our Greeks Abroad an especially significant and largely untapped resource for Greece.

It is encouraging to see that some of our very dynamic Global Greeks are participating - some of the many, in Greece and abroad, who are committed to changing the perception of Greece around the world, and are working hard in this direction, hands on!

We are looking forward to hearing Global Greeks Australian Ambassador to Greece, Jenny Bloomfield, branding genius Peter Economides, Greek America Foundation's Gregory Pappas, CustomMedialabs' Manos Sifakis and German MP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis among others.

We are particularly looking forward to seeing the results of the conference and  the ideas that come out of it put into practice.

Greece has no choice but to move forward and move forward she will. 

With the structural reforms in place, the right ideas and the right people to turn those ideas into reality, Greece can perform miracles.

We've proved it before, and we will again...

YES, Greece CAN! 

Listen to the conference live here

To check out the Conference Programme and the list of participants, click here.

To contact the organisers, click here.

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