Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo of the Day: Greece's Answer to British PM David Cameron

Closing England's borders to Greeks?
Start by deporting one of the most famous, 
the Caryatid held hostage at the British Museum.

One resourceful Greek's answer to David Cameron's 'Greek' comments 
set the social media on fire this week. 
Author Unknown:We don't know who he or she is but we'd love to!

Earlier this week, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, despite the position he holds, displayed a remarkable and unbelievable lack of diplomacy along with a deplorable lack of knowledge of history, solidarity and EU laws thus earning himself and his nation an offical reprimand from the Greek government who summoned British Ambassador Dr David Landsman for explanations.

Making incendiary statements designed to appease his right wing element and the euro sceptics, David Cameron who as PM of a country in the EU, singles out the Greeks as his major problem, when the UK has so many millions of immigrants from every corner of the world - legal or otherwise - that tap its resourcesm, hoping that by so doing he will keep Britain 'safe'.

Every country needs to protect itself but by making one of those countries the focus, it implies a racism which is not at all appropriate or seemly for a fellow EU member, and particularly hypocritical considering Britain is not even in the Eurozone.

In fact, it is worth questioning why he persists in making comments that relate to Greece  leaving the Eurozone, when the Greek people quite clearly voted against such a move on June 17?

In so doing he picked a major fight with Greece, the 'racist' comments on closing the UK's borders, specifically to immigrating Greeks but of course any other Europeans who would leave the Eurozone or the EU, not sitting very well with the people of Greece.

Nick Malkoutzis, editor of the English language Kathimerini was quick to respond with his article 'Why are you afraid of the Greeks, Mr Cameron?'

Such comments came from the Prime Minister of a country which enjoys so many  benefits because of the Greeks - the stolen Parthenon Sculptures which have people flocking to the British Museum, huge investments in property, a very lucrative Greek Shipping centre, bank deposits of many wealthy Greeks, and the hefty fees paid by thousands of Greek students at UK  universities are but a few of the 'Greek fringe benefits'. Even Queen Elizabeth, the reigning monarch has just celebrated 60 years on  the throne with a 'Greek' at her side (Prince Philip is Prince Philip of Greece for those who don't know).

Coming just weeks before the London Olympics begin and as the Olympic Flame, the symbol of peace and friendship, is carried by young and old from one end of the UK to the other, David Cameron's comments were insensitive to say the least! We wonder just how he plans to open the Games later this month? By condemning Greece, the country which gave them to the world?

Whilst we don't think he actually said he was going to deport Greeks, he did speak about closing the borders to Greeks and he got his answer very quickly indeed: the stolen Caryatid being held 'hostage' in the British Museum spoke out loudly and along with our exiled Caryatid, so did every single Greek in every corner of our Global Greek World, seizing the opportunity to drive home once again the issue of repatriating the Parthenon Sculptures.

The British PM is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, we know...

The UK, incredibly, is in a recession during an Olympic Year! Bank scandals have broken out one after the other, and now a rate fixing scandal explodes at Barclays.

Being Prime Minister of a country however implies an ability to lead and take decisions that will steer the country out of any crisis. Bypassing EU treaties  and making empty populist threats against a fellow EU member (whose people incidentally are not exactly breaking down your doors to get in),  in order to take your people's minds off their domestic troubles, well frankly, that has nothing to do with real leadership and has everything to do with short sightedness and a complete lack of global perspective and insight.

Sir Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave.

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