Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DON'T Believe All you Read and Hear! Greece/Crete: SEE for Yourself, FEEL for Yourself!

 The magnificent turquoise seas around Spinalonga 
taken from the island when we visited it last year

When the people are demonstrating in Syntagma, the way the world's media tells it, and projects it, the whole of Greece is being attacked by anarchists, rioters, or the police, and tear-gassed... the rest of the world thinks that in every island, in every village, from Evros to Crete, there are riots and clashes with police!!!

The truth is that,usually, even a couple of blocks down the road from Syntagma Square, people are peacefully drinking their afternoon coffee... 

Much like the bemused tourist in the videoclip below, we in Greece feel confused ... from the deliberately (?)  misleading misinformation we hear from all the 'well-meaning' media, even we are wondering if we are living in the same country they are talking about!!!

Commissioned by the Regional Bureau of Crete, this brilliant clip is the work of Theodoris (Teo) Papadoulakis, the talented producer of Victoria Heslop's riveting novel about Spinalonga, the leper colony right across from Elounda, on Crete -  'To Nisi - The island'... and applies as much to Crete as it does to the rest of Greece!

DON'T believe all you read and hear!

SEE for yourself! FEEL for yourself! 

Thanks to Elina K, Greece for passing it on!

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