Monday, January 2, 2012

Beware of Global Greeks carrying Louis Vuittons...

In this Warner Bros photo from Hangover II
Global Greek Zach Galifianakis (left) wearing THE bag
as a porter pushes the trolley with THE luggage

It's Monday January 2nd, 2012! Happy New Year! Not a very happy one for luxury brand owner LVMH who has filed a suit against Warner Bros according to today's morning frappe from fellow Greek portal Greek Gateway!!! 

LVMH has sued Warner Bros because of the fake LV monogrammed luggage carried by Global Greek actor Zach Galifianakis in Hangover II and the reference he made to it ' Careful...that's a...that's a Louis Vuitton...'

Good luck to the people at Louis Vuitton! We have a great deal of respect for international law but please don't take yourselves so seriously...this is Hollywood THE world of total pretense, the world which gave meaning to the word 'fake'...

When we read this gem, four things sprang to mind...

One: Warner Bros should counter-sue on the grounds that they are giving LV free publicity... just think how many millions of people who saw this movie had never heard of Louis Vuitton, let alone seen their exclusive, astronomically priced, only-for-the-privileged products? How many of the people who saw these would know they were fakes?

Two:Time to copyright the Greek language folks! If Louis Vuitton can sue over the use of a word or a product that it has originated , and thus make money, imagine how much Greece could make if we sued everyone around the world who is not Greek but uses a word of Greek origin... thousands of words are floating around out there which our noble ancestors weren't 'smart' enough to copyright!

Three: We would be very happy if Louis Vuitton successfully sues the Chinese manufacturers who are knocking off its brand of products and shipping it around the world. We are truly sick and tired of these knock-offs cluttering up the streets of Athens, hawked by hundreds of illegal immigrants who play hide and seek with the Greek police!

Four: Warner Bros should have been smart enough to Buy GREEK! There are hundreds of great leather products in KEM  they didn't have to resort to cheap fake LV luggage after all!

A fifth point came to mind while uploading these pictures... maybe Greece should sue Louis Vuitton for allowing a knock-off manufacturer to flood the world with his copies of their goods and cheapen our beautiful Athenian Trilogy buildings...

Academy of Athens - one of Greece's magnificent classic Athenian Trilogy Buildings

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