Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greece: A Small Country - a Tremendous History - A Unique Legacy to the World!

Sometimes in browsing the internet one finds unexpected treasures! The video below is one of these! 

Inspired by Dimitri Papaioannou's tremendous Klepsydra in the Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony, and using the same inspiring music written by Konstantinos Beta for Klepsydra, the team at Immense Blue, with great kefi and love for Greece, have put together an exceptional video, which takes us through millions of years of Greek history and it's contributions to the world - Democracy, Culture, Arts and Sciences -  the fundamentals of Western Civilisation, and not only ...

They start their journey off like this...

In the beginning... God created the Earth, and in the light blue waters, put a small ship to travel forever, in order not only to give birth, but also to transfer great ideas all over the world ... 

He called that ship...HELLAS!


The Greek version follows the English version

The History of Greece in 10 minutes (English)

Η Ιστορία της Ελλάδος σε δεκα λεπτά (Greek version)

Source:With much appreciation from us at GGW -  Immense Blue 

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