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Saturday, September 14, 2013

FESTIVAL-AKI: Celebrating Athens!

Photo: Aggela Skoula

Where can you see the masters of Traditional Cretan Music
Vassilis Skoulas and Psarantoni together?
At the Festival-aki of course!

If you are in Athens today, be sure to join the fun at Technopolis in Gazi

Cretan festival of Arts & Culture 

The FESTIVAL-AKI will have something for everyone from beautiful Crete.

Music -  Listen to the masters, 
Vassilis Skoulas and Psarantoni live on stage.  
Dancing by the Drosoulites  
Art and Photo Exhibition 
Workshops: Lyra and knife making, Weaving
Books and Literature  - lecture and discussions on Kazantzakis, Rizitika and more 
Films Screening of Cretan documentaries
Food ...and more! 
For more information:

Everything We ♥ About Athens!

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