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Global Greek Issues: Macedonia - What Do YOU Think? Is it Time for Greece to take a Different Kind of Initiative? VOTE NOW!

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Alexander the Great has been a feature of Greek coins and notes for a very, very long time, long before the establishment of FYROM and indeed it's unfounded claims, historically, that it's inhabitants are the direct descendants of one of our most glorious Global Greeks!

Alexander the Great lifetime tetradrachm from Amphipolis, Macedonia, c. 336-326 BC

Is it time Greece took matters into it's own hands and went on the offensive?

We at Global Greek World, think enough is enough!

Let's set the cat amongst the pigeons!

The European Central Bank tells us the following:  

Once a year, each country in the euro area may issue a €2 commemorative coin.

These coins have the same features and properties and the same common side as normal €2 coins. What makes them different is their commemorative design on the national side. Only the €2 denomination can be used for commemorative coins.

They are legal tender throughout the euro area. That means they can be used – and must be accepted – just like any other euro coin.

Most of these coins commemorate the anniversaries of historical events or draw attention to current events of historic importance.

The very first €2 commemorative coin was issued in 2004 by Greece to commemorate the Olympic Games in Athens...   

We think the time is right, and ripe, for Greece to make a move and issue a  commemorative 2 euro coin in honour of this great Hellene.

After all, we have had Alexander the Great on our coins and notes for hundreds of years, why not now? What is stopping us?

What do you think? 

Cast your vote in the sidebar POLL or leave a comment... we're interested in your opinion!

To read more about Alexander the Great depicted on coins and notes throughout the course of Hellenic history from "Numis: Coins and Collecting"   Click here

To read more about the issue on the internet, in Greek  Click here


  1. This is all well and good, but like most diaspora comunities around the world, we seem more intent on fighting Greece's battle's rather than holding on to the Greek language here.

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. Thanks for your comment Savvas.

    The issue of claiming our legitimate rights to our history is integral to the entire Hellenic world and of concern to Hellenes wherever they may be.

    It is an issue that affects us all ultimately and deserves our collective and united efforts.

    If we don't solve it, the language preservation issue may well become an academic one only for future generations...this we would not like to see


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