Thursday, January 15, 2015

Photo of the Day: Ftou, Ftou - Danish PM's Elysee Tumble and the Famous Presidential Selfie

 Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish Prime Minister,
took a tumble outside the Elysee Palace on Sunday after the Paris Peace March and we couldn't help remembering the famous Presidential selfie from Nelson Mandela's funeral...

As good Greeks we have grown up with, and taught to be wary of,the 'eye', or what we call the Mati, and looking at the two sets of pictures, we couldn't help making the connection...

Maybe we should get together and send the Danish PM a few of these wonderful and very Greek glass beads, 
just in case... 

In the meantime  
As every Greek Mama knows, a mati is a mati...
Ftou, ftou, ftou! 

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