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20 Question Time... Global Greek Style: Conversation with Vicky Yiannoutsos

Hellenism for her is a  Greek life-force and she made it her mission to get Socrates Now to tour Downunder... which she did!  

20 Question Time... Global Greek Style 
with one of our very talented and accomplished Global Greek Ambassadors in the World, 
Film maker, director and acting coach

  Vicky Yiannoutsos
Auckland, New Zealand

20 Question Time... Global Greek Style
Hellenism is…

 Greek life-force transmitted through language, food, music, story and dance, delivered in the spirit of  Zorba  - “to be alive is to take off your belt and look for trouble”.

Did your Hellenism help get you where you are? How?

My Hellenism informs me emotionally, aesthetically, and creatively, affecting the way I think, feel and function in the world. It not only helped get me where I am, it fundamentally designed it.

Being Greek: Best Part….

being born into, informed by and deeply connected to the most complex nation in the world which birthed western civilisation

Being Greek: Worst part….

being born into, informed by and deeply connected to the most complex nation in the world which birthed western civilisation
Greeks who inspire(d) you…


Greeks you like

genuine and sincere Hellenes who strive to connect with the complexities of being Greek, and the inherent struggle we all share.

Greeks you don’t like…

insincere poseurs who strut their stuff intent on proving they’re someone they’re not.

Your favourite Greek word…


Your favourite Greek spot in the world…


Your favourite Greek song…

Strose to Stroma sou yia Dyo. 
Embodies all my childhood memories.

Your favourite Greek meal… Who cooked it?

Everytime I go home, my mother makes it for me. 
It represents security, love, family. 
In turn, I like to cook it for my close friends.

Your favourite Greek book…

Zorba the Greek, 
the poetry of Kavafy

Your happiest Greek memory….

The first 6 months I spent in Greece as a young girl, staying on Kastos (my dad’s birthplace) and travelling around the rest of Greece. 
A light switched on. 
Nothing was to ever to be the same again!!

Your saddest Greek memory…

Locking up the family home on Kastos and taking my aunty Olga to the mainland.

Global Greeks at the Nobels  - Who would you nominate? Why?

Yannis Simonides
John Psathas
For their current day contribution to the Arts

You meet the Prime Minister of Greece on the beach this summer…What would you tell him?

You’re fired!!

You are the Prime Minister of Greece… for a week!
What three things would you do first? 

I’d fire the EU, declare national bankruptcy and re-introduce the  drachma. Then I’d introduce a minimum livable wage for all adults, with free health care, and begin funding businesses and communities developing sustainable living opportunities. I’d return the marbles. (see below for more)

You’re one of our several million Global Greeks who are Greece’s Ambassadors in the World. Public Diplomacy at its best!  Have you done something to help Greece today?

An email was sent this morning to the Greek community in Australia towards bringing the wonderful Yannis Simonides with Socrates Now to the Antipodes in 2014. Fingers crossed (GGW note: it worked, Yannis Simonides toured New Zealand and Australia with Socrates Now earlier this year, the cover shot is from the promotion!)

Who would you include in a ‘Global Greeks for Greece’ Dream Team?

The Global Greeks for Greece Think Tank (see below) would be made up of international Greeks top in their fields. Economists, Businessmen, Artists, IT experts, Visionaries etc whose modus operandum is growth, not greed.

And now for the best part… 
Create a picture of YOUR Greece … what would you put in it?

As above, I’d remove the ridiculous notion that the people of Greece can pay the country’s debt and go back to the drachma. 
Then I’d create a national fast broadband system, give every rate paying household an IPad, and set up a global online Pledge Greece fund as a central agency receiving contributions from Greeks living out of Greece. 
From that fund a Global Greeks for Greece think tank (see above) would consult with central agencies (not controlled by the government or the church) in Greece to invest in creativity, innovation and sustainable living operations with a long-term vision to heal and re-build a new Greece. I reckon the 9 million odd Greeks out of Greece would come on board such an online revolution!!  
In fact, I know they would. 
PledgeGreece -  
I pledge the first 1000 drachma!!!

Thank you Vicky - let's start working on it! 
Great Talking to you!
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!

Talented and multi-awarded Greek New Zealand filmmaker Vicky Yiannoutsos was born and grew up in New Zealand.  Since first visiting Greece as a young girl with her parents, Vicky has identified the myth of Demeter and Persephone as a metaphor for the migrant experience and she went on to make a film that depicted it beautifully...

More about Vicky Yiannoutsos

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!
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