Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ας Μην Ξεχάσουμε τον Μαυρογιαλούρο! Greek Local Elections 2014 - Δημοτικές Εκλογές 2014

For those who love the classic Black and White Greek Movies here is one very appropriate for the times we live in, in view of all the corruption scandals that have occurred over the years and particularly those that have come to light in the last few years. 

This oh-so-reflective-of-Greek-Society film should be required viewing by all those taking public office and should be repeated once a week by all TV channels in Greece in case we the people forget!

It is a political satire, ' Yparhei kai Filotimo' with Lambros Konstandaras as Andreas Mavrogialouros, the consummate Greek politician... 

Andreas Mavrogialouros is a minister of the Greek government who goes to visit a small village for the inauguration of a local maternity clinic. Going there he gets more than he bargained for but in the process discovers that his associates have been fooling him for years, using state funds to accumulate wealth, property and riches for themselves while the people around them suffer. They are excluded from the public institutions they have helped finance through their taxes, solely because of their political ID, because they belong to the wrong political party! 

Sound familiar? The film is over 50 years old and in many ways not much appears to have changed since then, but we are hopeful! .... 

We at Global Greek World are hoping that our politicians, local and national, are finally getting the message and are genuinely ready to shed the dreadful image the people have of them by acting for the good of the people at last!

We are hoping that from tomorrow things will change for the better, at least locally!

Enjoy &
Kali Psifo!!! :) !!!



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