Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Buy GREEK, Eat GREEK! On January 15th, Wherever we are in the world, we are ALL Invited to the Biggest Greek Dinner Party Ever!

It just takes a word, a tweet, a message and before you can say ‘piperia’ the word has become a concept and the concept a worldwide event! 

In the middle of our Buy GREEK for Christmas (#BuyGREEK4Xmas) campaign, the dynamic Keri Douglas  - writer, photographer, communications expert and philhellene extraordinaire -  the brain behind the Greek Dinner Around the World, posted a message on  our event wall  saying  ‘Here’s what some of us are doing on January 15’  linking us to a special dinner that she envisaged with friends from around the world – a GREEK Dinner with a virtual Acropolis in the background! 

That’s exactly what Global Greek World is all about!

We loved the concept and immediately accepted – possibly the first in Greece to come on board! 

 What's more, it fits our Buy GREEK project, the promotion of Greek Products around the world,  like a glove!

As Keri says in her 9 Muses News Blog

’With a few Tweets, an idea and then a ‘yes’, why not? We don’t need to be in the same city to have a dinner party.

Everyone is invited on January 15th for a Greek dinner with friends, family and even some new friends. Partners to this initiative will host a dinner – one person, two persons or more; use Greek products to create Greek dishes; share a photo or two of their endeavour; share a recipe; Tweet their experience or favourites and then RT (reTweet) others who are sharing their dinner party under the #GreekDinner and #EatGreek hashtags.

The goal is to celebrate Greek cuisine and promote amazing people, authors, chefs, businesses who are connected to Greece.

Why? Well, why not? Who doesn’t love authentic Greek olives, olive oil, real feta, yogurt, honey, oregano and healthy cuisine.’

Well, Greeks love to entertain, four ancestors invented the term filoxenia after all, we all love to promote Greek food and wine and everyone  - Greeks and non-Greeks alike – loves Greek cuisine, it so much an integral part of our Greek identity, so it didn’t take long for people to join in. 

Greek food gurus and bloggers, Greek food addicts, inspired individuals, wine producers and enthusiastic restaurateurs from Australia to South Africa have said that they will be hosting their own particular Greek Dinner in their own particular way. 

It doesn’t matter where we are, whether we are alone or with a million others, at home or in a Greek restaurant in London, a souvlaki shop in New Zealand, a wine bar in South Africa, a Gyro stand in Paris, a Greek Diner in New York or a taverna by the beach in Crete, we can still be part of the biggest GREEK Dinner party in the World!

If you are like us and haven't taken down your Christmas decorations, well it will be like taking part in the Buy GREEK for Christmas Campaign as well! 

  Kourabiedes and melomakarona for after Christmas breakfast


 Rakomelo (with tsikoudia and honey from Crete) and Mantinades

The tables are set, the wine, the ouzo, the retsina, the tsikoudia, the olives, tzatziki, dolmades, saganaki,, fava, feta,  and other delicious foods such as taramosalata or the moussaka below...

 Moussaka from the hands of our resident chef

Wonderful dishes made with extra-virgin olive oil from trees like ours below , and other top quality products that the Greek countryside is blessed with are waiting for the  big day...

Harvesting our olives in Crete. 
It takes a lot of hard work to get to that precious Greek gold...

The big day is tomorrow!

Will YOU be joining us? 

If you can, tell Keri (@keridouglas on Twitter or at Greek Dinner Around the World on Facebook  you're hosting a Greek Dinner and the world will definitely be a better place!

We’d love to have you there because we know that like us, you love Greece and all things Greek! 


All the photos are ours except for the Cretan dancer who we borrowed from Alex Pattakos and the OPA! Way! ( Thanks Alex) and the Buy GREEK for Christmas Cover which was created for Buy GREEK by Sofia Georgaki of Celeb Photo Copy (Thanks Sofia)!  

PS Check out our Eat GREEK page if you are stuck and looking for a Greek restaurant to go to. 

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!
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