Wednesday, December 18, 2013

World Tourism Day 2013 Greek Photo Competition: And the Winners are...

1st prize 
Dimitris Asf (Greece)
Beautiful Oia, Santorini,  Greece 

 2nd prize
Uschi Niemann (Greece via Germany)
Cute Cookie  from  the Corfu Donkey Rescue

3rd prize
Rebecca Elia (USA)
The  Magnificent Parthenon and Plaka from Monastiraki

 4th Prize

Piotr Leydo (Poland)
Amazing Amorgos, Greece  from the air

Congratulations to our prizewinners Dimitri, Uschi, Rebecca and Piotr!  

The Prizes

1st Prize

Dimitri wins a very beautiful Greek inspired print of his choice from the workshop of Georgia Pistolis,  one of our very talented Global Greek artists, who lives and works in South Carolina in the USA but whose gorgeous artwork is largely inspired by her homeland- and ours - Greece!   

Dimitri gets to choose one of the four prints shown below:

Art by Georgia 
You too can purchase one of Georgia's wonderful Greek themed artworks by clicking here

2nd Prize 
Uschi wins a beautiful piece of sterling silver 925 with authentic 'good luck eye" glass bead (mati) for herself or her pet from The Lovepaw Collection in the USA
Apollo from the Zeus Collection

Designed by one of our Global Greeks, and expertly Made in Greece by one of Greece's fine silversmiths , this beautiful piece of jewellery has been donated by Olympia Zacharakis of Miami, creator and founder of The Lovepaw Company, specialising in fine pieces for pets and/or their owners!

Olympia's Lovepaw Company photos can be found on Facebook  while her website  is being upgraded

3rd Prize

Rebecca  wins a one year subscription to  Odyssey, the World of Greece Magazine so she can keep current with what goes on in our Global Greek World when she is not visiting. 

Founded by dynamic Global Greek Gregory A Maniatis, and with a readership of over 60,000 in 35 countries Odyssey is one of the best of its kind - a bimonthly, independent magazine about Greece and Greeks around the world. Odyssey reports on the spectrum of the Greek experience-culture, politics, society,and business in Greece as well as issues of interest to diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes.

In addition to interviews, photo essays, travel stories, and commentaries, Odyssey also publishes annual guides to hotels, restaurants,summer events, and courses in Greece or in Greek Studies. It is sold at selected kiosks in Greece and elsewhere as well as through subscription.
Click here to read more about Odyssey - the World of Greece Magazine

4th Prize

Piotr wins a copy of Nikos Petousis' fascinating biography
 From Athens to Papakura 
which tells the story of a Greek boy, Nikos Petousis, born in 1936 in Athens, Greece, who having lived through both WW2 and the Greek Civil War in his hometown, decided to seek sponsorship from a New Zealander whom his family had helped during the war.  

Nikos carved a successful career for himself in Auckland. When he retired he accepted the position of Honorary Consul for Greece and works hard, continuing to enhance the already strong relationship between the two countries.

One of the events that Nikos recalls with pride, is the farewell to the New Zealand Olympians before the team set off for the Greek Olympic Games in 2004, an event we are happy to have supported from our position on the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.

For all those interested, you can purchase your own copy of Nikos' great biography from Amazon

Georgia, Olympia, Nikos and  Odyssey, The World of Greece Magazine 
for their generosity in donating these wonderful prizes for our winners
a very big 
to all those who entered their photos 

and made this competition come alive with...Greece 
and their love for Greece! 
Greece is Greece's No 1 product.
It deserves to take its rightful place in the world...
right at the top! 

Now sit back and enjoy our video of all the stunning photos!

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows!
 © GlobalGreekWorld 2013 All Rights Reserved

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