Thursday, October 17, 2013

'GREECE IS THE WORD! A Celebration of Greek Culture in London 19 October 2013

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If you are in London this weekend this event is a MUST! 
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'I am very proud of Greece is the Word.
 It started as a very small idea,a few  months ago, and now it has grown into this massive event - day - here at the Southbank Centre.
I was really upset at what was happening at the moment in Greece, as a journalist and  as an Arts Journalist specifically. I heard that the Greek book industry was collapsing, that artists, musicians couldn't perform, and I thought I wanted to do something about it...'

Rosie Goldmith, Curator/Journalist  


Southbank Centre
Saturday 19 October 2013

The Culture Behind the Crisis: What You Need to Know

Greece Is The Word! is a celebration of modern Greek culture and a cutting-edge, creative response to the Greek crisis. Join historian Bettany Hughes, novelist Victoria Hislop, BBC correspondent Paul Mason and a pantheon of Greek stars for a lively day of debate and performance. Enjoy poetry from inspirational performer Katerina Iliopoulou, comedy from brilliant stand-up Katerina Vrana, top analysis from journalist Maria Margaronis and lyrical literature from Ioanna Karystiani and Alexis Stamatis. Plus fabulous designer Mary Katranzou designs the dresses for some of the stars to wear.

Book for two events for a 15% discount, or book for all three for a 20% discount. All events are in English.

For more info and to book tickets visit:

Supported by Arts Council England and the European Commission

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