Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photo of the Day: Καλό Μήνα With a 10% Reduced VAT on Dining/Eating Out in Greece!

 Καλό Μήνα!
 1 August 2013: 
VAT in Greece Comes down 10% 
and our first receipt passes the 
Compare the prices on the two receipts. 
On Monday 29 July 2013 we were charged 23% VAT
Today, 1 August 2013, we were charged 13% VAT

As of  today in Greece, the VAT (Value Added Tax) for dining/eating out is supposed to fall to 13% in all eateries.
one of Greece's franchised food outlets has done it. Double kudos to this company because when the VAT went up to 23%, 
 the company absorbed it, leaving its prices intact, and in some cases reducing them through special offers.

Despite that, it is still passing on the official reduction to the consumer - us! 


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