Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet the World in Greece: The Entire World in ONE Package!

Meet the World... in Greece
Posters, Concept and Execution: Ares Kalogeropoulos 

Contemporary, Medieval, Byzantine, Classical....

Tibet, Dakota, Switzerland... Kaimaktsalan, Meteora, Plastira Lake

Scotland, Sweden, Finland... Methoni, Athens, Pertouli

Alps, England, Bahamas, Sahara - Agrafa, Epirus, Paxoi, Limnos


Mars, Venus, Moon, Uranus... Santorini, Nisiros, Milos, Kefallonia

Western, Epic, Adventure, Sci-Fi - Sofiko-Peloponnese, Zagorohoria-Epirus, Melisani Cave-Kefalonia, Santorini

Kenya,istanbul, Tuscany - Strofilia Forest, Xanthi, Lake Kaiafas

 Austria, Iceland, Miami - Parnassos, Drakolimni (Dragon Lake), Kos

Amazon, Arizona, Hawai -  Kythera, Arvi Canyon (Crete),Vai (Crete)

South Africa, Florida, Monaco -  Pylos, Elliniko, Flisvos

Fiji - Lefkada

Highlands, Russia, Maldives - Platamonas, Athos, Balos Crete
Germany, Portugal, China - Vegoritida Lake, Corfu, Mount Athos

Thailand, Brazil, Galapagos - Kalymnos, Loutraki, Limnos

Ireland, Mexico, Cuba - Corinth, Mykonos, Chania

 You don't have to go to the Moon to see these craters, just come to Greece!

You don't have  to go to the Bahamas to find these seas, just come to Greece! 

From the mountains of Tibet to the mountains of the Moon,
you can see it all somewhere in this beautiful country,

Greece: the country where you can find the entire world in one small package!

Greece: the land the Gods chose for their home.

Join us! 

The concept and execution of this superb new campaign come from talented Global Greek photographer/musician Ares Kalogeropoulos.

Ares has visualised how we all feel about Greece...

Ares is the creator of the I am Greek and I Want to Go Home Campaign for the Return of the Parthenon Marbles which is a candidate for the Greek Internet e-Awards this year.

You can vote for Ares here

Like us, Ares ♥ Greece...and it shows!

Bravo Ares!  

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