Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dedicated to the Greek Non-Striking Worker: Here's to the Heroes - Mario Frangoulis

The bright side of the extensive strikes in Athens in the last few days...
a lovely morning walk along Vasilissis Sofias Avenue with hundreds of others...
the real heroes - trying to get to work.

Mario's beautiful song is dedicated to all those who had to get to work over the last few days in an Athens that was deprived of public transport - Buses, Trains, Metro, Taxis by the striking Public Sector employees ahead of the voting tonight by the Greek Parliament of the latest round of unending austerity measures, imposed by politicians and the Troikan bureaucrats who can't, or rather don't want to, see past their highly paid nose.

Let's hope it will be a peaceful day today.

Here's to the Heroes...

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