Saturday, April 28, 2012

Greek America Foundation's National Innovation Conference 2012

Greek America Foundation's National Innovation Conference 2012 
27-28-29th April 2012 
New York City

The Greek America Foundation's National Innovation Conference got off to a very successful start yesterday in New York City with kick-off events and welcome parties... a great way for people to get to know those they will be mixing with over the next couple of days. 

Greek Food Guru Diane Kochilas, Coaching and Communications Consultant Leda Karabela, Brand Strategist Peter Economides, Coco-Mat Founder Paul Efmorfidis, Media Mogul Arianna Huffington, Greek Filmmaker Stephanos Sitaras,  Innovation Accelerator Founder John Pyrovolakis  and many other successful Global Greek leaders and innovators are taking the time to share their 'ideas worth sharing' at the second National Innovation Conference.

Read more about the speakers and presenters here.

This year, there will be a certain emphasis on how the Greek Diaspora, including Greek Americans, as individuals, and as a community, can address the crisis and support people, institutions and organizations trying to weather the current storm in Greece.

As Greg Pappas, dynamic founder of the Greek America Foundation and instigator of NIC2010 and 2012 says,

 We will designate a part of this conference to the discussion of what we can do to get more involved in helping Greece and Greeks through this crisis and how we can strengthen our own institutions, goals and vision as a community in the process.

As a diaspora community that has largely assimilated into the comfort of U.S. and Canadian society, many of us are immune to the images of starving children on the streets of Athens, or homeless people waiting for hand-outs at a soup kitchen in a neighborhood that didn’t have—or even need—a soup kitchen only a year ago. 

I am a firm believer that without Greece, Greek America cannot exist. No matter how far removed we are generationally from Greece, a hyphenated ethnic community such as ours, cannot exist without a strong and stable mother country.

Congratulations to Greg and the Greek America Foundation team on another great initiative for sharing 'ideas worth sharing' that relate to how our Global Greeks can interact and relate, influencing and showcasing matters that are of great concern to all of us in our Global Greek World.

Check out the NIC website and the detailed programme of this weekend's events here.

Follow the conference via Twitter here  

Kali Epityxia! 

Good Luck!


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