Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kalo Mina & Xronia Polla! It's the 1st of September!

There are so many people celebrating their nameday today that we decided to just take a screen shot of our nameday sidebar featuring the very popular eortologio widget and wish all those celebrating, Xronia Polla kai Kala, along with our very best wishes for a great month to all our friends out there!

It is going to be a hard month for those of us who live in Greece, with new austerity measures being rumoured but we are still in holiday mode and we are staying positive!

Kalo Mina - Xronia Polla kai Kala!!! 

PS There's a very interesting story behind all the names - the list includes 40 young women, 40 virgins - ΑΔΑΜΑΝΤΙΝΗ, ΚΑΛΛΙΡΟΗ, ΧΑΡΙΚΛΕΙΑ, ΠΗΝΕΛΟΠΗ, ΚΛΕΙΩ , ΘΑΛΕΙΑ, ΜΑΡΙΑΝΘΗ, ΕΥΤΕΡΠΗ, ΤΕΡΨΙΧΟΡΗ, ΟΥΡΑΝΙΑ, ΚΛΕΟΝΙΚΗ, ΣΑΠΦΩ, ΕΡΑΤΩ, ΠΟΛΥΜΝΙΑ, ΔΩΔΩΝΗ, ΑΘΗΝΑ, ΤΡΩΑΔΑ, ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑ, ΚΟΡΑΛΙΑ, ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗ, ΘΕΟΝΟΗ, ΘΕΑΝΩ, ΑΣΠΑΣΙΑ, ΠΟΛΥΝΙΚΗ, ΔΙΟΝΗ, ΘΕΟΦΑΝΗ, ΕΡΑΣΜΙΑ, ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ, ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ, ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑ, ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗ, ΠΑΝΔΩΡΑ, ΧΑΙΔΩ, ΛΑΜΠΡΩ, ΜΟΣΧΩ, ΑΡΗΒΟΪΑ, ΘΕΟΝΥΜΦΗ, ΑΚΡΙΒΗ, ΜΕΛΠΟΜΕΝΗ, ΕΛΠΙΝΙΚΗwho were martyred because of the brutal way they were murdered along with their teacher  ΑΜΜΟΥΝ. ( Read the story in Greek)

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