Saturday, April 9, 2011

pET sHOP... A Touching Short Film by Greek Director Michael-Gabriel Zenelis

A young boy saves his money to buy a pet. When he visits a pet shop on the outskirts of Athens, he is upset because the price the owner is asking for the pets is way beyond his reach, until he sees a pet which is just the right one for him...

pET sHOP is a multi-award winning short film by talented Greek director Michael-Gabriel Zenelis.  Thoughtful and sensitive yet powerful, it focuses on today's society and its questionable priorities and sense of values, where appearance is often more important than substance and is priced accordingly... 

Michael-Gabriel Zenelis was born in Athens in 1978. 

He studied film direction at the Stavrakos School and has collaborated with various production companies in the fields of cinema and television.

pET sHOP, is his first film and has already received a number of awards -  a great beginning to a promising career!

Best Short Film - Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People
Best Short Film/Special Award - Patras Film Festival
Special Award, Special Mention - Pescara European Short Film Festival
Special Mention - Naoussa International Film Festival, 
Silver Medal -  Festival der Nationen
Silver Medal - International Film Festival Des Nightkommerziellen Films Awards...

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