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Bringing Home the Parthenon Sculptures: Sonia Theodoridou and Six Modern Day Caryatids Raise Awareness for their Return

Sonia Theodoridou and the six caryatids
Danae Filippa, Efstratia Hioti, Natalia Margomenou, Marina Triantafillou, Katerina Kakouri, Katerina Hintiraki, find their long lost sister...
a touching moment indeed.

On Saturday 7th of June 2014, Greece had its moment literally inside the Lion's Den - London's British Museum, when renowned Greek Soprano ΣΟΝΙΑ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΙΔΟΥ - SONIA THEODORIDOU together with six caryatids went to meet the one caryatid who is still separated from her sisters...

The reception was overwhelming, from the streets to the people who were visiting the museum, the emotion was palpable,many were moved to tears, including the security guards who were hostile at first...

 The journey begins in Athens...

On the London Underground on the way to the museum...

In the British Museum
Greek harmony...
The Niriidon Monument, stolen from Xantho in Lyceia

 In front of the stolen Parthenon Sculptures
moving moment...

 Greek harmony in motion...

 Leaving the museum after the triumph...

Hyde Park:
 Calling all people to stand in solidarity with Greece's Pilgrimage
As Sonia Theodoridou posted on her page on Facebook...
 'Αξέχαστη, θα μου μείνει η σιωπή που μας τύλιξε οταν μπήκαμε στο μουσείο. 
Οι χιλιάδες άνθρωποι που βρισκόταν εκεί, παραμέριζαν με δέος, να περάσουμε. 
Μόλις μας έβλεπαν, όλοι σιωπούσαν. Ακουγόταν μόνο τα "κλίκς" των φωτογράφων. Και οι φύλακες, που στην αρχή προσπάθησαν να μας εμποδίσουν, μετά παραμέρισαν και μας συνόδευαν καθ΄ ολη τη διάρκεια της παραμονής μας μέσα στο μουσείο, λέγοντας μάλιστα μερικοί στο Θεόδωρο, πως και αυτοί είναι υπέρ, στο να γυρίσουν τα γλυπτά στην Ελλάδα. ΕΧΘΕΣ ΓΡΑΦΤΗΚΕ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ. 
Σήμερα, σας πειμένουμε όλους τους φίλους του Λονδίνου, στην Αγία Σοφία στο Bayswater στις 13.00 '

The video below is from the very moving performance given by our modern day Caryatids outside St Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Bayswater, on Monday 9th June, the Feast of the Holy Spirit - Του Αγίου Πνεύματος

Bravo Sonia,
Bravo Theodore,

Bravo Elda, 
Bravo  Danae, Efstratia, Natalia, Marina, Katerina, Katerina
Bravo to all those involved in this initiative!

It just proves that each of our Global Greeks are the best Ambassadors Greece has.

It just proves that every little bit helps.
Big oaks from little acorns grow, 
and anything each one of us who believes in this noble cause can do,
is great for this holy pilgrimage started by Melina Mercouri 

and continued every single day by all those of us who believe in it...
The Acropolis Museum has just had its 5th Birthday...
It has been waiting 5 years already... 
5 long years
Each spot is ready and waiting...

Let's Just do it!
Let's ALL help Bring them Back!  

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 
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