Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vangelis Moss? Who is...........Vangelis Moss?

Who is he?

Could he be one of Greece's newest showbiz stars?

Could he be one of Greece's Rich and Famous?

Could he be one of our Golden Global Greeks getting 
ready to help Greece's economic turnaround?

Could he be one of our famous Global Greeks who will 
make us all proud of his scientific achievements?

No, none of these...

Vangelis Moss is.....


For those not familiar with the Athens Metro... Vangelis Moss is also known as Evangelismos, a stop between Syntagma and Megaron Moussikis! 

We received this by email , thanks Veatriki P, Athens! We don't know if it is for real but we liked it and thought we would share it with you today, the 3rd consecutive day of 24 hour rolling strikes by public transport workers in Athens, including the Metro...

Why haven't any of these workers thought of going on strike 'silently' and simply allow passengers to travel free of charge? 
That wouldn't inconvenience the vast majority of people who are trying to get to their jobs and would certainly ellicit an instant response from the powers-that-be, don't you think? 

Food for thought...

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