Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Tsiknopempti - Καλή Τσικνοπέμπτη - Happy Smokey Thursday!!!!

Doing Tsiknopempti justice... 
Souvlakia, loukanika, pita bread, paidakia and some salad - straight from the grill!

Today is Tsiknopempti - literally, smokey Thursday - and as this week is traditionally the last meat-eating week before Lent, it has been named as the Thursday when everybody goes out on the town to eat traditionally grilled meat ...tsikna is the smell associated with meat being grilled!

Tavernas around Greece are generally jam packed on this day as most people go out and celebrate the carnival in style, whether they are in masquerade or not! Be sure to book wherever you may be going or you may be disappointed! 

For those who aren't going out, and this year there will be a few and not just for economic reasons! In Athens it's one of those stay-home-and-get-cosy nights. It's been raining since noon, the roads are wet and you can easily fall into a man-sized puddle, so get together with family and friends, throw some souvlakia, steaks, chops and sausages on the grill-psistaria - Bar BQ, pour everyone a glass of wine or tsikoudia/raki, and enjoy the night!!!

Kai tou hronou!
Και του χρόνου!!!


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