Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Distinction with a Difference - First Place at San Remo Music Festival for Two of our Global Greeks!

We were delighted to hear the totally unexpected but great news that came from the San Remo Music Festival last week!

Two of our Global Greeks, popular singer / performer Yiannis Ploutarchos and Soprano Dimitra Theodossiou combined their musical talent with well-known Italian singer Al Bano (who has brought up several generations of Greeks and Italians and is a household name in Europe) in an unusual but pretty powerful rendition of Giuseppe Verdi's Va Pensiero from Nabucco to clinch first place! The 2nd place winners were a mere 650 000 votes behind!

What was particularly amazing was that Ploutarchos and Al Bano were singing classical music, something we are not used to them singing and we were pleasantly surprised!

Bravo Gianni, bravo Dimitra and of course bravo to Al Bano!

Giannis Ploutarchos and Al Bano Carrisi recently collaborated on an album that was released with the title«Δύο φωνές –μια ψυχή» (Two voices - One Soul)  in Greece and has become immensely popular, already selling over 160,000 copies.

Here is our favourite from the album - Me Mia sou Matia - Felicita - Happiness!

This post is dedicated to one of our most faithful supporters, Lizzy K, who just loves Ploutarcho and whose birthday it happens to be today! Xronia Polla kai Kala! Happy Birthday Lizzy!  :) 

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