Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OPA! Day - 15 September 2010, Rethymno, Crete - Join Dr Alex Pattakos and Celebrate the Many Greek Contributions to the World!

One of our very own Global Greeks, Dr Alex Pattakos and his wife Dr Elaine Dundon are in Greece launching the very first OPA Day today in Rethymno, Crete!

Their mission?

To celebrate the enormous contribution Greece and it's culture have made to the world...

Dr. Alex Pattakos ("Aleko"), author of the international best-selling book, Prisoners of Our Thoughts is a personal development pioneer who has helped many with the search for meaning in their personal and work lives. He is also a very proud Greek-American (of Cretan heritage) and a weekly columnist for The National Herald (ETHNIKOS KYRIX). Go to and for a brief history and profile of the groundbreaking meaning and innovation work that led to The OPA Way!®  

Join Alex and Elaine on their journey as they discover how to bring more joy, more passion, enhanced well-being, and deeper meaning to life...

This is what they tell us about their brand new project, which they have most appropriately called The OPA Way!® 

'Thousands of years ago, the Greeks led the way in discovering new ways to think and be in the world around us, and now today, we turn to them once again to share their ageless wisdom on how we can live happy, healthy, meaningful lives.  In our search for more understanding of and practical advice on “how to live a good life” and “how do I find more meaning in my life,” we went back to the source of Western civilization—to the ancient Greek philosophers whose insights are still very relevant for today’s busy lifestyles.  We also went to the indigenous "villages" on the mainland and islands of Greece to capture many meaningful life lessons from modern-day Greeks who, in their own way, are also philosophers of living.  We spoke with people around the world.  We explored, we listened, and we learned.

On our journey, three common themes began to emerge.
  • O (Others) — connecting to others in more meaningful ways at all stages and walks of life in order to improve authentic communication and relationships with family members, friends, coworkers, customers, students, and other people in our lives
  • P (Purpose) — finding a deeper sense of fulfillment and truly living a life that matters by engaging meaningfully with the deeper purpose in our personal lives and our work!
  • A (Attitude) — bringing more meaning, joy, energy, passion, fulfillment, resilience, well-being, and success (and less stress!) into our lives by our choice of attitude
This philosophy of living offers simple and practical ways to help you find deeper meaningyou live a happy, healthy, in your work and everyday life.  It’s a way to build stronger relationships, strengthen your purpose, and leverage your choice of attitude so that you can live and work to your full potential.  The OPA Way!® helps meaningful life and can help your organization to become a happy, healthy, meaningful workplace too" 
Click here to learn more about The OPA Way ...

We at Global Greek World wish Alex and Elaine and the rest of the OPA Way!® team all the very best! We know how much Greece has contributed to the world and we are thrilled with this initiative!

Keep up the great work!



  1. It is well worth the time! The more the merrier! OPA!!!

  2. this today, and i will be there too


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