Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, 5 May 2010 - A Black Day for Greece, the Cradle of Democracy

Life goes on normally in Athens today - the centre is quiet for the moment and the only evidence of yesterday's tragic events, apart from the buildings which were burned, some smashed windows and burnt rubbish containers...

For 3 families though, life will never be the same again... a tragic waste of life, a senseless murderous attack which has sickened everyone. Our hearts and prayers go out to them for their terrible loss...

For the people of Athens and Greece it is time to take stock and think carefully about what is next, where do we want to see this country go? Why do we allow the minority to consistently ruin it for the majority?

Let's reflect on something one of our much wiser ancestors said many many years ago...

"Η Δημοκρατία μας αυτοκαταστρέφεται διότι κατεχράσθη το δικαίωμα της ελευθερίας και της ισότητας, διότι έμαθε τους πολίτες να θεωρούν την αυθάδεια δικαίωμα, την παρανομία ελευθερία, την αναίδεια του λόγου ισότητα και την αναρχία ευδαιμονία."

Ισοκράτης (436 - 338π.Χ. )

"Our Democracy is destroying itself because it abused the rights of freedom and equality, because it taught it's citizens to consider insolence as a right, illegal acts as a freedom, rudeness as equality and anarchy as prosperity".

Isocrates (436 - 338 b.C.)

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