Monday, May 17, 2010

SNL - Tina Fey :I Love You Greece But Greek People in America Work the Register at the Diner til they Die..

Half-Greek American Tina Fey's (the other half is German-Scottish appropriately enough) latest appearance on Saturday Night Live last week had a distinct Greek flavour and has stirred up quite a lot of discussion in cyberspace!  Greeks invented satire - we have always had the ability to laugh at ourselves and Tina does it beautifully! 

What did you say? 

Retire at 54? 

Really? Αλήθεια?

Greek People in America Work the Register at the Diner til they Die...

It was hilarious, but just for your info Tina mou, in Greece a lot of people work the register til they die too - especially when it is their own business! Anybody who visited the landmark Varsos Zaharoplasteio in Athens' Northern Suburb of Kifisia would have seen Mrs Varsos senior behind the register well into her old's the Greek work ethic - wherever in the world we may be!

Oh, and by the way...not too many retire at 54! This is a myth, but not a Greek one, along with the one that talks about the luxury pensions in Greece...  ask any 70 year old who  is struggling to survive on 700 euros, Greece's average pension...


  1. 700 euro pension? Um, that's funny.

  2. Thanks everyone.
    Of course by now, the pension is down to 300... 700 was a luxury!


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