Thursday, May 27, 2010

GO GREECE! Eurovision 2010 - OPA!!!!

From yesterday's Eurovision Song Contest semi-final. Fabulous performance by George Alkaios and Friends.

Ola tha t'allakso, 
kai tha to fonakso, 
Perasmena, Xehasmena, 
ki'ola ap'tin arhi ksana, 

I'm gonna change it all, 
and shout it out loud, 
It's Over and Forgotten, 
I'm gonna start from the beginning

Catchy, foot tapping melody, Greek lyrics (at last - we've been saying it's a must for years...) and very appropriate to the times what's more, accompanied by the Pontian Lyra!

A real Greek effort!

If you are in a European country other than Greece, don't forget to vote! Looking forward to a few 'douze points' (12 points) for Greece on Saturday! 

Can you predict where it will place? Leave a comment. 


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