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GOT GREEK SURVEY - Whether You are 1/16th or 100% Greek, This Survey is About YOU

Got Greek? Online Study Wants to Know

Over the past year, we’ve been listening to students from one end of the country to the other. Among other things, we’ve heard students speak about themselves, their families and their heritage from a wonderful variety of viewpoints. From these conversations, we’ve discovered that there is a fascinating spectrum of young people, from all parts of the country and all kinds of backgrounds — who all identify with their Greek heritage in one way or another. From Greek-Greek to Greek-American, Greek Irish, Greek-Iranian and even Greek-Chinese— they all say they’ve “got Greek.”  

Your Voice Matters!

If you feel that you’ve “got Greek” then your voice belongs in this conversation. That’s why we’re inviting you to take the Got Greek? survey. The online questionnaire we’ve developed is easy to take, and is right at your fingertips. This is a chance for you to speak out about how you feel about your own Greek heritage — and what role it has played in your life at home, and how it affects your social life, your relationships and your college experience. Sign up here to take the online survey — and become part of the conversation. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

 Stephanie Marudas, National Research Study Director

About the Survey
A landmark online national study is under way to learn how American college and university students with Greek ancestry feel about their heritage.

The Got Greek? National Student Survey is asking undergraduate and graduate students— currently enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the United States— about their views and opinions on their background and how it relates to everything from food and music, to family, friends and dating.

The survey is open to any student with Greek heritage— including second-, third-, and fourth-generation Greek American students— as well as students born in Greece or Cyprus currently studying in the U.S.

To participate in the survey, students can go online and register today.

This academically-supervised survey is part of the Next Generation National Research Study, which also includes oral history interviews with students throughout the United States. The interviews are archived online and available to read.

Sponsored by the Next Generation Initiative, an independent non-profit educational foundation, the study was launched with major funding from the Zapis Charitable Foundation and others. Joining the campaign to promote the study are Hellenic student groups on more than 50 campuses across the country and a wide range of organizations including the American Hellenic Education Progressive Association (AHEPA), the Modern Greek  Studies Association, the National Hellenic Museum and the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

ABC’s Good Morning America anchor and chief political correspondent, Greek American  George Stephanopoulos recently kicked off the campaign by calling on students around the country to participate in the groundbreaking study. In an email message to students, Stephanopoulos wrote:

To get the most complete and representative results, we need to make sure that every eligible student has a chance to be included in the study. As we are learning from this study, there are many more young people your age who say they’ve “got Greek” than we knew or imagined.

Stephanopoulos also launched the study’s presence on Facebook, where the public can sign up to follow progress of the study at: .

Results of this study promise to be important and useful to scholars, Greek American researchers, and the community for years to come.  

We at Global Greek World applaud this initiative and look forward to seeing it extended to other countries where there is a Greek presence.

This is your chance to speak up and be included! 

Take part now!

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