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Ωραίος ως Έλληνας: Whatever Happens next, Greece is Already a Winner and Yiorgos Samaras Wins OUR World Cup - the World Cup of Hearts!

This last week saw an amazing victory for Greece's Ethniki Ellados against the Ivory Coast at Brazil's World Cup, but the extraordinary gestures of kindness of Yiorgos Samaras, the player who took Team Greece to victory and all Greeks to seventh Football Heaven on Tuesday 24 June, are a tribute to the beauty and nobility of the human soul... something we don't always see at a football match at whatever level it is played! 

As Greeks all over the world celebrated Greece's victory, and shortly after this picture of Yiorgos Samaras comforting Team Ivory Coast's devastated goalie after the match did the rounds of the media, an even more touching story of Samaras and his young Irish Celtics fan, Jay Beatty, a young boy born with Down's Syndrome, came to touch our hearts, just as young Jay touched Samaras' heart. 

Jay and his hero: Go Sammy Go
 Samaras prepares for the penalty which will send Greece 
to the World's  Top 16

Jay celebrates  and his father Martin Beatty comments
It's not often you see Jay in Blue but he had to get a Greece T-shirt and he just loved Sammy's Goal...we will still be watching this at Christmas

Inspired and moved by the story, two young Greeks decided to set up a Facebook page O Jay Paei Mundial asking the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) to invite and finance Jay and his family to go to the World Cup in Brazil and watch Greece's  match against Costa Rica today. 

Before the end of the day 85,000 people had liked the page, adding their support, and Samaras himself had embraced the plan, sending out a personal invitation to Jay via video.

"Jay I want to thank you for the strength you give me. 
Your smile and your support give strength to everyone in the national team. 
Hope to see you soon, this shirt is for you.
 If you cannot make it we'll send it to you.
In the end, I want to say that I'm really proud that...
VERY, VERY proud that you're my friend, so...
 I hope to see you soon buddy".

The Hellenic Football Federation responded positively and invited Samaras' most fervent supporter but sadly the family was leaving on holiday to the USA and had to decline this unprecedented invitatio, saying ...

 Thanks everyone for all your lovely messages. This morning we got a call with a fantastic offer for us all to go to the World Cup to see the Greece game and Jays hero Samaras. unfortunately we were actually at the airport heading off on our family holiday when we got the call,so naturally we were unable to take up the offer and are so gutted but truly grateful that people would do this for Jay. We cannot believe that this has happened and are so humbled and would like to wish Greece all the best in the World Cup. Jay has just seen Samaras press statement and wanted to send one back. thank you everyone

Jay's Dad Martin filmed Jay's video response to Sammy

Good luck Sammy! 
I hope you win the World Cup. 
Sammy, I'm sorry I won't be there but I still love you very much and I hope you win.
C'mon Sammy!!!!  

 How it all started:
Samaras takes young Jay Beatty on the victory lap 
after the Celtics take the Scottish League title...
 We celebrated a bit too soon that Jay would be going to the World Cup, 
but never mind...

After the lights go out, the music stops and the curtain falls 
for Brazil's 2014 World Cup,
 these are the incredibly touching images that will remain with us, 
indelibly printed on our hearts... 
a legacy and a lesson in humanity and kindness.

Good Luck today! 
But whatever happens next, 
Greece is already a winner and
 Yiorgos Samaras wins OUR World Cup - 
the World Cup of Hearts!

Καλή Επιτυχία!

  To young Jay, a big thank you,
you touched our hearts.

Jay is part of a group called Down's and Proud,
founded in October 2007 to help local children with Down’s syndrome overcome obstacles that may be in their way, and act as a Support for their families.

In Greece, to support families with children with Down's Syndrome, 
 you can contact Down.GR  founded in 1990.

At Global Greek World, We ♥ Greece...and it shows! 
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