Saturday, August 7, 2010

South Australian Premier Mike Rann - Macedonia is as Greek as the Acropolis - Cleared of Racism by Human Rights Commission !

 SOUTH Australian Premier Mike Rann has been cleared of 'racially vilifying' the people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Human Rights Commission found Mr Rann had no case to answer for claiming that FYROM was stealing Greek history and culture, an accusation the Premier made in a speech at a Greek festival in Adelaide last year, along with the statement that 'Macedonia is so much Greek like the Acropolis'.

In the speech, Mr Rann also accused FYROMian President Gjorge Ivanov of "stirring up trouble in a most dangerous way" with Greece.

The comments sparked a complaint to the HRC by South Australia's Macedonian community but judge Catherine Branson ruled it to be "lacking in substance".

"I stand on my record of racial and ethnic tolerance. I will not be intimidated by anyone from speaking forthrightly on behalf of historical truth," Mr Rann said.
Read more from  The Australian 

Thank you Premier Rann, for telling it how it is! 

History cannot be hijacked or changed...

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